5 Best Mobile Game Controllers

5 Best Mobile Game Controllers

Mobile Game Controllers: Are you looking to improve the gaming experience on your smartphone? With that in mind, you can get it using one of the mobile game controllers we’ve selected.

We brought options to indicate and help those looking for the best, considering durability and price. We also brought various products to compose this list of the five best mobile game controls.

The 5 Best Mobile Game Controllers Are:

Game Sir X3: Mobile Controller With The Cooling System

Specific to Android, the Game sir X3 is one of the best mobile game controllers. It has impressive specifications, including a cooler to cool the smartphone, which needs to be connected to an external battery or 5V power supply. 2A to work, and the cooling fan can be adjusted to avoid hitting the phone camera.

In addition to these features, it has a USB-C connector to reduce latency, which can be moved for easier removal from the cell phone; the buttons are customizable via the app, and, for compatible phones, it even keeps the phone charged if the Game sir is connected to power. Among the devices suitable for this functionality are Galaxy S20, Realme GT2 Pro, and Xiaomi Mi 9. 

Going beyond these advantages, this control supports the main gaming services via the cloud. A disadvantage of the model is that it does not have an integrated 3.5mm headset jack, but it can be used with a Bluetooth connection.

Razer Kishi RZ06-03360100-R3U1: Control Aesthetically Similar To The Nintendo Switch

Aimed at all types of cell phones, we bring you the Razer Kishi V2 RZ06-03360100-R3U1 that connects to the device directly through the USB-C port or Lightning cable port, being sold in two versions, one for Android and iOS.

The product’s advantages include the presence of analog triggers and analog sticks, and it is compact and, despite being simple, has good resistance.

The disadvantages of this device are that it does not have a headphone jack or an integrated battery, but it does have a specific port to facilitate charging the smartphone.

Console Controls (PS And Xbox): Good Value For Money For Those Who Already Have A Console

Those with consoles, such as Xbox and PS5, can use the controller to play on other devices due to the Bluetooth that most currently have. To access it, in both cases, it is necessary to turn on the cell phone’s Bluetooth and, after that, on the PlayStation, click on the PS and Share buttons at the same time until the LED light on top of the control starts blinking in the white color, in this way, it will be possible to connect it to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

In the case of the Xbox controller, click on the “Xbox” button and the pairing button in the upper corner, and when the “Xbox” button starts to glow, you can release the button, as it will be looking for a device to pair with. Once the pairing process is completed, the “Xbox” button will be lit.

Game Sir T4 Pro: Multiplatform Control

From the same brand as the X3, the Game Sir T4 Pro is a wireless and cross-platform controller that can be connected to the Nintendo Switch, Android devices, iOS, and computers via USB. Aesthetically it resembles the Xbox controller, having analog directional buttons, a digital directional button, and analog sticks, and, unlike the Xbox, it has a hook to hold the cell phone.

Speaking of the digital directional pad, according to comments from those who bought it, it can be imprecise and generate a failure to recognize the control, depending on the game, identifying that you pressed left when you pressed right, for example.

Gamepad AK66 ViGRAND: Inexpensive Game Controller

We present the Ak66 ViGRAND Gamepad, a simpler control where you place your cell phone and can play with the four triggers (L1-R1 and L2-R2) without worrying about the connection, ideal for FPS games.

Compatible with cell phones with a screen between 4.7 and 6.5 inches, it is a versatile and structurally light control made of plastic but with good resistance. Due to its low price, certain cuts were necessary, and this directly affects the advantages and disadvantages.

Among its disadvantages, it may be necessary to adjust the hooks attached to the screen, and the buttons must be clicked down to generate the command; depending on the cell phone, it may be necessary to remove the cover to attach it to the control and, according to the testimony of those who bought it, the presence of a 3D film can disturb the response time.

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