5 Signs You Need A New Website Right Away

5 Signs You Need A New Website Right Away

If you represent a company or brand, you know the importance of the new website in creating an identity and, when it comes to selling products, in reaching those sales. Knowing this, it is essential to develop and maintain a functional website, with good design, without errors or system failures.

In this sense, we have separated in this article 5 signs that you need a new website immediately. Through them, you can evaluate your domain and identify if some of these problems are found there. If the search results in finding one of the signs, we recommend contacting a specialized company.

Keep reading until the end and find out what these five critical factors are within a website and learn how to get rid of them once and for all. By excluding these negative signals from your website, you guarantee the best experience for your user and better positioning on Google. Check out!

Five Reasons To Make A New Website


A slow connection can mean several factors, among which we can highlight the instability of the website itself. Many people usually associate a possible slowness with the internet or the device itself. On the other hand, many website hosts are the source of this instability that hinders the user experience. Always be attentive and maintain your site most appropriately.

Visual Instability

Graphic elements that do not scroll down with the texts, images in random places on the screen, misaligned texts, and the disappearance of publications and updates… are just a few examples that make the visual instability of a website more than apparent. So, if you notice this instability in your domain, it’s a sign that you need a new website immediately.

In addition to visual instability affecting the technical performance of the website on your hosting, it negatively interferes with the user experience. The user tends to lose credibility in the brand or company accessed when opening a website with graphic misconfigurations and graphical errors. In this sense, always try to have a stable and visually pleasing look on your website.

It’s Not Mobile-Friendly

When cell phones are used more than computers and notebooks, sites that do not adapt to the mobile format are losing clicks and potential customers. The design of a desktop (used on computers) is different from a portable format (used on cell phones) and, therefore, demands development and user experience changes.

In this sense, the term “mobile friendly” arises, used for optimized layouts designed for the best performance on smartphone screens. Therefore, investing in a mobile site is essential for a brand. If your business still doesn’t have this specificity, it’s time to have a new and adaptable website.

Insecure Browsing

Security and digital life are two concepts that should go hand in hand. With the update of the LGPD (General Data Protection Law) in 2020, talking about security for the user is essential. In this sense, it is vital to ask the user whether or not he wants to offer his navigation data to the company and decide whether he wants to share his location.

Actions like the ones mentioned above clarify just how growing cybersecurity has been. Therefore, invest in safe navigation that shows such trust to the user. For this, count on an equally reliable website development company.

Broken URL

A website URL works like the name of a book. It is always the first contact of internet users with the site they will enter, so it is worth making sure that there are not too many elements like *, (, ), #, %,! &, ¨, etc. Ideally, thinking about a good SEO performance is to keep only “-” or a /.

In addition to the symbols, the team responsible for the URLs of a website must be ready to check if any URL is sent to a broken page. Verify that all pages are loading normally and directing the user to the right content, without 404 errors or non-existent pages.

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