6 Tips For An Email Marketing Template That Works

6 Tips For An Email Marketing Template That Works

One of the most used strategies in digital marketing actions, email marketing has several uses, but you need to pay attention to the look to achieve your goals. This article will bring six email marketing template tips to increase your conversions.

Email Marketing Template: 6 Tips To Optimize Your Campaigns

Within the layout of an email marketing template, several elements need to be considered so that it is ready and can achieve the objective for which the campaign was launched. 

The First Impression Is Everything

First, ask yourself: “would I open and read this email until the end?”. If the answer is no, you need to revise the way you start your message. 

Consider changing the approach and generating more interest to entice the reader to read the entire content. It is essential to put a catchy email subject which gives a general idea of ​​what it is about without saying everything. 

Caprice On The CTA

The central button you will place inside the email marketing is the call to action or call to action. It is a link that will direct your user to other pages.

The CTA needs to be well-located and stand out to increase the chances of conversion. Everything will depend on the strategy used in the email marketing template, so when creating the template, try to understand your customer’s purchase moment.

Place The Links According To The Layout

The email marketing template you use or create will lay between the visual and textual elements. It is based on this organization that your internal links should be included.

Ideally, the links should always be relevant; if it’s a newsletter subscription email, for example, it doesn’t make sense to put a lot of product purchase links, but you can put some blog posts.

Always Use Your Visual Identity

Only run a campaign that has the face of your brand. Their compelling colors help the customer instantly associate the message with your company. Always use the colors and visual elements of your identity. By doing this, you will be reinforcing your company’s recognition through visual appeal. After a while, the customer will get to know you just by the organization of the elements and the colors that it is an email from you.

Use Images And Lightweight Elements

Finally, another key point is your email loading time. Generally, when using huge images, the page may take a while to load; this is an invitation to leave the page for the user. Look for smaller images and always test opening emails on desktop and mobile, wi-fi and mobile data to see how it’s going. 

What Are The Main Types Of Email Marketing Templates?

Now that you know which points within the email marketing template you can improve in your campaigns, let’s get to know the main types of emails according to the objectives outlined in the marketing strategy.

  • Promotional: the idea here is straightforward, send promotions and offers for products that the user has shown some interest in and may click on a product link;
  • Conversion: These emails generally seek more information from a lead, leading them to a specific action. For this, it is essential to have a counterpart such as an e-book, event or other materials to give in return;
  • Informative: also known as a newsletter, this type of email marketing aims to inform your leads about news in your business, new points of sale, updates, etc.;
  • Transactional: these are messages already expected by your customers, and that must be automated, such as purchase confirmation, delivery status, password change, etc.;
  • Welcome: these are fundamental messages for you to introduce yourself to a new lead and make it clear how you will communicate with that new contact;
  • Special: these are emails used to congratulate your leads on special dates such as birthdays and commemorative dates such as Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year, etc.; 
  • Email marketing for e-commerce: they are similar to promotional ones. However, they can also have other objectives such as engagement, relationship, recovery of abandoned carts, etc.;
  • Email for inactive customers: these are messages sent to contacts who last opened their messages some time ago. The goal is to reactivate these leads.

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