6 Uses Of Artificial Intelligence For Your Business

6 Uses Of Artificial Intelligence For Your Business

The definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerged in the 1950s but began to have more relevant advances in the 2000s. Several companies can generate more competitiveness, optimize processes, and leverage results with AI.

Today it is possible to receive information and data from different places: innovative advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have developed company processes, making activities more practical and decision-making more assertive.

AI is a computer engineering discipline and goes beyond the robot that we saw in futuristic movies. Currently, the concept is already part of the reality of our personal lives and, mainly, of the business world. Artificial intelligence is used to leverage task results and help teams work more productively and effectively in organizations. Continue reading this article to discover the 7 uses of artificial intelligence for your company. Follow us!

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 

Although the term was born a while ago, in the 50s, today, AI has a more significant impact on people’s lives and can be recognized as the “science and engineering of producing intelligent machines.” 

Unlike the Jetson family’s future predictions, AI is not about robots interacting with people but using tools that simulate human thinking to solve problems and make everyday life easier.

Technological developments make it possible to rely on programmable systems and automation software to process information more quickly, which allows data analysis to make more strategic and successful plans. By using AI tools, managers can learn from what has been done in previous processes to develop more viable solutions, saving time and finances in the long run.

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence for companies?

In addition to helping many people in their routines, AI is also extremely useful in the daily lives of companies around the world and can improve the processes of various segments. Here are some of the main benefits of artificial intelligence in the business world:

  • reduction of failures and losses;
  • more in-depth and practical research;
  • organization and storage of important information;
  • increased digital security;
  • more productivity;
  • capture and loyalty of consumers;
  • ease of achieving goals;
  • data analysis;
  • improvements in communication with customers, suppliers, and employees;
  • team integration.

Why Invest In Artificial Intelligence In Your Business?

Now that you know the meaning of the term and the benefits of AI, it’s time to understand what its uses are and, thus, discover why you should invest in artificial intelligence tools to boost your company’s performance. Follow us and check out the top 7 uses of AI!

1.Protection Against Cyber Threats 

Cybersecurity is an increasingly discussed topic among managers and entrepreneurs due to the high rate of digital threats in organizations. To avoid data loss or damage to your company’s image, it is essential to have AI systems to detect intrusion problems and prevent crises in advance.

2. Improvements In Internal Communication

For a company to maintain sustainable development, having good communication with employees is extremely necessary. Artificial intelligence can contribute to improving team integration and avoiding overload, optimizing working time, reducing possible failures and headaches, increasing productivity, improving the organizational climate, the achievement of objectives, and the division of tasks.

3.Personalized Services

An automation system can help you know your company’s customers more and increase your sales, providing personalized and more effective service. It is possible to identify preferences and needs through technological tools, store customer profiles, segment according to the purchase journey, and communicate more closely and strategically.

4. Adequate Support For Consumers

You probably already know how important it is, in addition to offering personalized service to customers, showing availability in several channels to answer questions and get in touch as soon as possible. Using management systems makes it possible to communicate with customers more quickly through “chat” or chatbots, helping consumers find the ideal solutions and storing relevant data.

5. Business Intelligence (BI)

Suppose you are looking to optimize decision-making and develop your company’s growth. In that case, artificial intelligence can generate improvements to BI: by relying on AI tools, you can manage your organization’s data and monitor processes to make positive transformations.

6.Increase In Sales

With personalized service, effective communication, and a greater understanding of your company’s audience profile, artificial intelligence can also help your company achieve the much-desired increase in sales. Through the data collected and the monitoring of processes, AI tools can present the most viable strategies for the future planning of your business.

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