B2B Inbound Marketing Strategies: Features

B2B Inbound Marketing Strategies: Features

Reaching new business opportunities requires a good marketing strategy. When a business is focused on B2B, business-to-business, marketing, and all communication and advertising actions must adapt to talk with other companies and the people and decision makers within each of them.

Surely you already know that the sales process is also adapted for B2B sales, in addition to being better aligned with the marketing strategies adopted. Popular Inbound Marketing serves the objectives of B2B businesses.

Inbound marketing is also known as “attraction marketing.” This is because the actions will offer engaging content and materials so the target audience can reach the company’s strategies and walk within the consumer journey and the sales funnel.

To attract this audience and obtain leads and contacts that will serve for the subsequent sales prospecting strategy, it is necessary to invest in Inbound Marketing strategies. Discover now the best options for B2B businesses.

B2B prospecting is a pre-sales task performed by the SDR (Sales Development Representative) or another salesperson on the team, depending on the commercial structure of each company. Despite following specific paths, all rely on the qualification between the prospect and the fit with the solution and the choice of contact for connection, preferably the decision maker. 

In locating and qualifying the potential client, it is necessary to rely on accurate research with more assertive information to improve the approach and the chances of closing sales.

Before we approach the prospecting of qualified B2B leads, we must know and consider the characteristics that differentiate them from others.

Features Of Lead B2B

The concept of a B2B (Business to Business) lead refers to contact based on companies that have other companies as potential customers. Unlike the typical consumer, this type of lead demands capture and relationship strategies that consider, among other aspects, more in-depth market research and a more complex commercial process, that is, a longer sales cycle.

Still in the phase of capturing and converting business-to-business leads, which we will go into more detail later; in addition to email, telephone, and company name contact, research resources and conversion forms are used to collect information about the market, company size, and others.  

Before that, however, it is essential to have more in-depth research, part of the market intelligence functions, for creating advertisements, segmenting the contact base, and creating prospecting cadences, in addition to other points that concern the presentation of proposals and negotiations.

It is worth highlighting that the B2B lead is also directly related to the figure of the decision maker about the purchase or hire. In this case, it is essential to consider, in addition to the company’s information, the profile and behavior of those who represent the company in the contact and their supervisors, managers, directors, etc.


For a company, regardless of its products or services, it is always interesting to position itself as an authority on the subject within its market. A webinar, seminar, chat, or video class presentation is an attractive option to work on your brand awareness, produce in-depth and relevant content, attract your audience and generate lead conversions.

A webinar is a live presentation; it usually lasts 1 hour and brings more specialized content within concepts and needs that are already familiar to your target audience. In addition to preparing this content for transmission, there is all the promotion work, which can use your email base, social networks, banners on the site itself, and even online ads.

Ideally, webinar participants will register on the landing page, leaving essential data for their marketing and sales strategies.


Still, to work on your brand’s authority, but also with effects on attracting a more niche audience and presenting business results, the content format known as whitepaper is a great ally.

This is a rich document, which is why it should also be released with the conversion in your forms. A whitepaper is a strategic article pointing out some market research or bringing up some cases. Again, being specific and specialized helps you niche the interested audience closest to your Inbound Marketing persona.

Demonstrations And Tests

If you offer a service to other companies, a way to relate those contacts that are already in your base and offer something more attractive to those who already present themselves as a business opportunity is through a guided demonstration or even a free trial for some days or up to an X limit of consumption.

This strategy is best suited for the bottom of the funnel when your sales team already has a relationship with that lead. After the demonstration trial period or presentation, you must reinforce contacts with this opportunity, clarify doubts, and move towards a business proposal. These are some viable options for applying B2B Inbound Marketing.

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