Big Tech: What Is Their Importance In The Market?

Big Tech: What Is Their Importance In The Market?

A Big Tech is a corporation that dominates a particular slice of a market, usually in the technology area. This company can impact the lives of other organizations, even if they come from segments and realities entirely different from yours.

What Are Big Techs?

Big Techs have changed the lives of billions of people worldwide — and that’s not an understatement.Imagine your life without using Google and its tools, without Windows or Apple, without social networks, mobility and delivery applications or the most varied streaming’s: it even seems like a return to past decades. Some would suffer without these facilities, even if they once lived without them.

Solutions like these — and many others — are the result of a lot of effort, creativity, innovation and investments that only a corporation can create and fund in its activities, in addition to maintaining an environment for developing new offers.

And it is in this scenario that these players enter: Big Tech is a large company in the technology sector that dominates a particular segment of the market. They are usually startups; that is, they have a scalable business model based on innovation, which started small until they reached impressive numbers – both in terms of user expansion and financial gains.

Google didn’t come overnight, nor did Netflix. These large corporations were built little by little but with an eye on the future. This conduction and the use of technology allowed these companies to open up new business possibilities in the most varied areas.

Of course, there are currently many debates about the limits of the “powers” ​​of companies with them, especially regarding the use of customer data, which has generated a series of regulations, legislation and good practices, such as digital compliance and the LGPD. But, by adhering to ethical and moral conduct and combining them with their technologies and skills, these organizations can transform the market and society.

The Importance Of Big Techs In The Market

The noise that big tech causes echoes beyond its production chain, reverberating in other markets, companies and even society.One of the significant advantages of these organizations is to offer efficient solutions for people’s lives, whether to resolve professional, personal or business issues. What would offices be like without word processors, spreadsheets and slideshows? Without the most diverse software and tools, including time management and productivity? No control, inventory, or financial systems? Without archiving a massive amount of documents in the cloud?

Large corporations create software and various solutions that help with small day-to-day tasks in companies but that impact the productivity and organization of their activities. And also, in the most complex ones, optimizing processes and supporting decision-making.

Another impact of these organizations is to open doors for other businesses. There is always a way to take advantage of the innovations and the path opened by the giants, exploring opportunities that could go unnoticed or ignored because this was the first time anyone had explored specific ways.

For example, a corporation that created management software in general opened space for hundreds of other companies to develop solutions of the exact nature only focused on specific niches, such as logistics companies, law firms, doctors’ offices, travel agencies, and marketing, among others.

Furthermore, by investing in creativity and innovation, these organizations push all others to do the same. This means gains in different spheres: an excellent incentive for technological and social development, increased business competitiveness and the creation of more delightful and satisfying customer products and services. Thus, the market, companies, consumers and society, in general, are benefited.

Even businesses that do not work directly with technology are impacted by Big Tech — and can also take advantage of technological advances and innovations in their activities.

More than an additional element or to increase competitiveness, embracing technology is fundamental for the survival of companies today. It is no wonder that former giants, such as Kodak and Blockbuster, ended up closing their activities by ignoring changes in the market and the coming new times.

Adopting the right tools and digital strategies makes all the difference in the daily lives of companies — whether it’s time to create new products or services or strengthen customer relationships. Technology, if well used, can help strengthen ties, reduce waste (of time, effort and resources), optimize processes and increase quality and productivity in the organization.

However, it is essential to invest in this area with planning and strategy to achieve these results. And one of the ways to accomplish this, and increase the company’s competitiveness, is through digital transformation.

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