Bot-Maker: How To Automate Processes With Bots

Bot-Maker: How To Automate Processes With Bots

Bot-Maker: In a scenario where more and more customers are looking for online customer service and shopping journey solutions, companies need to ensure that the service is delivered with quality.

An alternative to help in this process is programming bots to help with answers and questions that are most frequently asked. One platform that offers this service is Bot-maker.

Check out this article for an explanation of what bots are, why they are so helpful in the company’s routine, especially at this time, and how Bot-maker can help your organization to be more profitable and productive.

What Are Bots?

Many still need clarification about what bots are and what they do.Bots are pre-programmed applications to perform some function on the internet. In the case of chatbots, they are resources aimed at conversation and information exchange. For example, sending an automatic away message at times when the company is not working. Or even register customers’ most frequently asked questions to be answered without human effort.

This is all possible thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. With just a few settings, it is possible to adapt the examples to the company’s reality and create many more. This saves time and resources that can be devoted to other tasks.Bot-maker is a company that offers solutions for creating and managing bots for other companies, whatever the segment they operate in.

Used for a variety of purposes:

  • Customer service
  • External support
  • Internal support
  • sales automation
  • relationship with leads
  • campaign management
  • appointment scheduling
  • HR Management, among others

What Are The Advantages Of Using Bots?

There are numerous advantages to introducing chatbots into the company’s routine and processes. Check some positive points below to be considered when hiring this service.


Hiring and placing a chatbot service in the customer service routine ensures that the customer receives an answer at any time of the day. In addition, many users take advantage of holidays and weekends to research and buy products and services. Providing a human service team for these moments would cost a lot.

One solution is to leave the bot programmed to answer common questions and, in cases of more specific problems, direct it to open a ticket or send an email to be resolved during business hours. Thus, the customer does not remain unanswered and understands that the company cares about him.


There are many tasks, especially those that are constantly repeated, that can be automated via a bot. By reducing the effort on them, the team can redirect itself to resolve other issues. More time is left for what matters, and productivity increases.


Chatbots ensure service standardization, as customers will receive the answers they need in the way configured by administrators. This increases service efficiency and customer satisfaction, bringing more confidence and winning them over to new contacts and businesses.

Bot-Maker’s Solutions

Bot-maker has several solutions in the technology area to help companies’ work routines. These solutions range from the service’s beginning to measuring results.


The platform brings the possibility of integrating APIs to enhance results. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. In practice, they are applications that allow the connection of systems to guarantee the improvement of processes. In this way, the software exchanges information with each other without the administrator needing to access them every time.

Live Chat

The Live Chat option offers agents in three modes: 100% humanized team, 100% automated team or hybrid team. Thus, several attendants will be available to customers. There is the option to leave the bot to start the service and send it to the human attendant if necessary.

Artificial Intelligence

Through machine learning, Bot-maker brings a technology that can interpret both text messages and audio sent. So, for example, even if there are variations of the same question, such as “How much does product X cost?” and “What is the price of product X?”

BI And Data Analysis

Measuring efficiency is as important as planning and executing all the company’s processes. Bot-maker provides a data analysis platform with dashboards and KPI results. In addition, it is possible to import data into other proprietary software for data intelligence, such as Power BI, for even deeper analysis.

Bot-Maker Call

Finally, a function that has recently been integrated into the range of services is audio and video calling. Thus, human assistants can contact customers for more specific and personalized queries.

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