Company Introduction Email: 3 Templates To Choose From

Company Introduction Email: 3 Templates To Choose From

Do you want to know how to create a company introduction email that drives results? The first step is to believe that this approach works. Do you agree? The arrival of other forms of communication, such as messaging apps, made many people believe that email would fall into disuse.

But the truth is, this tool is stronger than ever. 

What Is A Company Introduction Email?

A company introduction email is a prospecting tool used to present the lead with solutions that can solve their pain. Unlike email marketing, which is sent to people who already know what products and services your company offers, the sales presentation email is practically one of the first contacts with your potential customer.

For this reason, strategies such as gifs, images, media, and others, should be left aside at this time. The focus of a sales email is to present your business proposal. Therefore, it must be attractive and direct and show the reader how and why your company can help them.

Three Parts Of A Sales Presentation Email

Want to know how to set up a company introduction email? Due to the characteristic, it usually has three parts:

  • opening;
  • proposal;
  • closure.


By opening an email, understand the field intended for the subject and the first words that can be viewed without the recipient having to click to open.

At this point, the main thing is to create sentences that pique the reader’s interest. Otherwise, he won’t even get past this stage, and all your work in the following stages will be in vain. Also, it is essential to customize these fields. 


This excerpt should show the potential client the business proposal and why your company is the most suitable for solving the problem in question. The best way to do this is clearly and directly present the values ​​your brand offers.


The final part of your company introduction email is what will determine what your lead’s following action will be. Depending on how the conversation ends, you will soon receive a response, or your contact will be forgotten.

Three Examples Of Introductory Email

Now that you know the main steps to create a sales presentation email, how about seeing some examples? They will undoubtedly be a starting point for initial structuring contacts with your customers

Model 1 – Ideal For The Initial Approach To Customers With A Fit With The Brand

Title: Shall We Grow Together? 

Email body: Hello, [customer name] . How are you? 

We are [company name], specialized in [business segment] and we have an invitation to invite you. We believe our solutions perfectly match what you are looking for, and we would like to invite you to a successful partnership. Let’s grow together. 

We work with [explain some of the business differentials, always focused on the potential customer’s area of ​​interest], and we have expertise in [show how the company has already helped to solve similar demands]

Farewell/CTA: Do you want to know more about our working method and the solutions we have designed especially for you? Could you reply to this email, and let’s chat?

Template 2 – Ideal For Contacting Prospects Who Have Filled Out Rich Material Forms 

Title: The [COMPANY] team gained reinforcements! Want to know who is making us better? YOU!

Email body: Hello, [customer name]! Good to have you here! 

We are [company name], and we are delighted to see that you are interested in our products and solutions. 

If you are looking for [describe the central theme of the rich material downloaded], we can help you! We have expertise in [explaining what the company does, emphasizing differentiators] and would like to build a custom solution for your business.  How about we talk about it? 

Farewell/CTA: Contact us through the channels [provide at least three different contact channels] and let’s create together! 

We wait for you, 

Template 3 – Ideal For Formally Introducing The Company After An Informal First Contact With The Sales Agent

Title: We already know you. How about you meet us now? 

Email body: Hello, [customer name]

First, we thank you for your willingness to talk to us. We believe in the power of transformative partnerships and feel that your company and ours can grow together. This email presents a little more about our history, business, and solutions. I’m sure we can design a project that meets your expectations and helps you take your business further. I leave my contacts at your disposal for any questions and clarifications.

Farewell and CTA: Shall we schedule a new meeting to talk about your company? How about [date and time suggestion]

I await your return!

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