Digital Marketing And Analytics: How To Do It?

Digital Marketing And Analytics: How To Do It?

Digital Marketing and Analytics: Digital marketing is increasingly essential for a business’s success. There are many strategies to achieve good results in this area, such as social media marketing and web analytics.

Therefore, attaining significant developments in the digital environment requires constant learning and updating. In this way, the professional who invests in specialization courses in the area of ​​Digital & Analytics Marketing has good employability and is essential for companies that wish to invest in effective strategies.

So, continue reading this post and understand what types of digital marketing strategies are and how to achieve success in your campaigns. Check it out now!

Digital Analytics And CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the set of practices, strategies and technologies focused on customer relationships. Therefore, CRM is both a method that puts the consumer at the center of the business and a tool that gathers information about the company’s relationship with the customer.

Therefore, CRM is a strategy and technology that provides several benefits for companies, such as better customer relationships, time optimization, process improvement, and greater effectiveness in digital marketing strategic planning.

In this way, to apply CRM practices in your company’s digital marketing, it is necessary to create a customer-focused culture, map the purchase journey, use data to better train the team, optimize campaigns, and define the most critical automation points, among other good practices.

Due to the many benefits and complexity of the CRM strategy, there is a great demand for specialized professionals. Therefore, investing in CRM specialization courses considerably increases the employability of the marketer.

Those who invest in this course learn the definition of CRM and its evolution, as well as understand the types of economic and result metrics, the mass evolution to niches, and the concept of analytical CRM.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a strategy that aims to interact, relate and influence a target audience through mobile devices. In other words, they are digital marketing strategies focused on the functionalities of cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

According to research, the number of persons who use smartphones for purchases or payments is growing. Therefore, strategic planning of mobile marketing is essential for any business.

In addition to the growing number of mobile purchases, there are other reasons to invest in this strategy, such as the possibility of segmenting ads according to the user’s location and the use of applications being increasingly popular, among others.

To carry out mobile marketing practices in your digital marketing strategy, it is ideal to use tools such as SMS marketing, Bluetooth marketing, responsive pages, and QR code marketing, among others.

Strategic Trade Marketing Planning

Trade marketing is a strategy focused on the exposure of products in sales channels, allowing a partnership relationship for producers and distributors to obtain profit.

Since we live in the digital age, trade marketing concepts can also be applied in the online environment. After all, most manufacturing companies already place their products on e-commerces. Therefore, it is essential to value the way the merchandise is exposed on the web and perform good strategic planning of digital trade marketing.

To implement a good trade marketing strategy, it is essential to discover the needs of the product distributor, have negotiation power, align your business objectives with the distributor’s needs, define a schedule for your strategy, and monitor the results, among others.

In addition, the professional also learns how to prepare a good plan and propose adequacy of the scope by good market practices, as well as develop routine management to monitor the result of the implementation of the trade marketing plan.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are critical strategies for the success of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Therefore, professionals with knowledge and skills in this area are increasingly in demand in the job market.

To apply SEM and SEO strategies, it is essential to know about web analytics, use sponsored links, link building, guest posts, campaigns and co-marketing actions, among other practices.

So, now you know what types of Digital Marketing strategies are and why professionals with these skills have a strong competitive edge and stand out in the job market.

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