Digital Security: 3 Signs To Invest

Digital Security: 3 Signs To Invest

Digital Security: Every day, companies are exposed to the risks of suffering cyber-attacks. In these actions, criminals can steal sensitive data, even hijack information, and return it for a ransom payment.

Therefore, a sound security system is essential to prevent this attack. Many situations can be a warning sign for your company. In the publication, learn when investing in cybersecurity is crucial for your business.

The General Data Protection Act (LGPD) concerns how companies treat public data. For example, when the system is hacked, and customer information is leaked, the institution may suffer sanctions and fines.

In addition, digital security is also a bargaining chip during negotiation processes. In an article published by the technology portal Canal Tech, company Comptograph reveals that investing in protection has become a competitive differentiator in the corporate world.

Therefore, protecting data goes far beyond preventing further damage to your business. It is also a way to attract customers and suppliers. Here are three signs that your business needs to invest in protection.

Weak Passwords

Often, to facilitate the memorization of some information, we can use more apparent passwords. However, this action can be very harmful to your company’s security.

This is because this feature can facilitate hacking and cyber attacks. Therefore, a simple measure is to adopt more complex passwords, which use more than eight characters, letters, numbers, and special characters. If you have trouble memorizing them, secure applications aim to register passwords.

Team Unprepared For The Digital Environment

Using the computer in activities is a task that can be easy and simple for the work team. However, employees must understand which hazards and actions can facilitate intrusion into the work system.

Using obvious passwords and accessing insecure websites can expose companies and mobile devices to malicious software. Therefore, the group must receive digital security instructions. It is worth investing in courses on good protection practices in the virtual environment if possible.

Unprotected Website And System

Hiring a Service focused on data security may seem like an unnecessary expense, but this action can promote a safer environment for your company. Therefore, there must be protection tools for the company’s website, system, and media.

To help you find the best resources, it is recommended to seek the help of experts in the IT field. Professionals will be able to indicate the ideal solution for your business.

Learn How Latency Affects Your Business

If you’ve ever had connection problems at work or home, you’ve heard the word latency at some point. The term may seem harmless, but it can cause problems in your business’s online experience.

Latency is related to another English expression, Round Trip Time, abbreviated as RTT. It concerns the time it takes for a connection between networks and servers.

This period spent on this connection can affect several aspects of the company. It can impact the experience of the company’s employees to the way the target audience sees your business.

After All, What Is Latency, And Why Is It So Important?

In short, latency is related to the period spent for an exchange of information between the user and the server. Data goes back and forth in this communication from one pole to another.

This process can take milliseconds, which can make a big difference depending on the amount of information exchanged. For this, we can think of the following situation.

For an employee to start working, he needs to log into a system used by the company. After entering the login and password, he can access all the demands of that day.

Due to the volume of people accessing this system, the employee entry process begins to take longer. Also, some operations, such as forwarding files, may take a few minutes.

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