Digital Transformation: The Main Advances In Recent Times

Digital Transformation: The Main Advances In Recent Times

Digital transformation is a broad concept that involves a radical change in the structure of a company. However, it should be noted that this is an evolving concept; that is, it enters the rhythm of digital technological advances.

With that in mind, we created this topic to present recent advances or digital transformations. Look:

The Rapid Development Of 5G Technology

Until recently, it was clear that everyone was looking to operate from faster connectivity, whether at home or in the workplace. In this sense, the Covid-19 pandemic has intensified this demand. After all, many professionals stopped working at the company, where there is usually a good connection, to work from home.

Faced with this reality, many telecommunications companies began to invest more in 5G technology, thus accelerating its development. As a result, in May 2020, Verizon launched a lab to test the deployment of 5G technology. The company also announced that this technology works seamlessly in San Diego, United States, among other locations worldwide.

Wi-Fi 6.0 Is Coming

The digital transformation celebrates the evolution of 5G technology and the forecast that Wi-Fi 6.0 is about to be released. In April of last year, 2020, the United States Telecommunications and Broadcasting Regulatory Agency unanimously voted to open up the new frequency band to devices that can accommodate it. While this is seen as a step towards digital transformation, it remains to be seen whether this technology will work.

Data Is Crucial For Business Survival

The use of big data and data analytics, among other technological devices, has maintained a steady growth trajectory, and the Covid-19 explosion has made the demand for data even greater. It is a transformation that is the result of the digital age that we are all living in.

In this sense, it should be noted that companies and institutions, in general, Johns Hopkins being an example in this regard, collected and analyzed data from powerful technologies (big data, data centers, cloud computing, etc.) to help governments and companies to make decisions that protect citizens, as well as customers and employees.

Although Covid-19 has shown the relevance (more forcefully) of using data to make decisions, it should be noted that this practice has already been adopted by several companies to monitor consumer behavior and, based on this, make the right decisions, capable of improving their results, such as increasing sales and the number of customers.

In summary, the demand for information for making business decisions has grown, thus transforming the reality of companies and society as a whole.

Boosting Business With AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have recently developed rapidly, and many companies have adopted these technologies to ensure a digital transformation of their business. One example we can highlight is the chatbot, which uses AI to automate customer service. Today, a good part of the companies that operate in the digital environment make use of this digital technology. There has therefore been progress in this direction.

Additionally, artificial intelligence is helping to accommodate massive amounts of Internet of Things (IoT) data, enabling a rich experience for consumers and citizens alike.

As we try to use more data to ensure the security of specific environments, such as our homes and workplaces, AI continues to contribute to machine learning, which can improve our experience and provide greater convenience for our daily lives.

Advancement Of Cloud Services And Transformation In The Way Of Hosting Documents

As companies embrace digital transformation, cloud-based services and solutions continue to grow, changing how people host and query documents in any format, such as image, sound, and video. Some examples of cloud-based solutions that we can highlight are, for example, cloud servers, dedicated servers, and virtual data centers.

If, until recently, suppliers were committed to selling storage products, as is the case of the famous external HD, now many of them have started to do this in a virtualized way, obeying the pace of digital transformation, which is imposed not only on big businesses but also about companies that operate with cloud hosting services.

The convenience brought by cloud computing further accelerates digital transformation in organizations of all sizes and sizes. It is worth adding that this also does not depend on your industry.

The Transformation Brought About By The Virtual Data Center And Server

The server or virtual data center is an essential technological component that can drive a company’s digital transformation and play a central role in this process. This equipment acts as a complete system that connects and integrates all company parts, thus acting as a springboard for its growth.

In addition to strengthening security and trust across multiple clouds, a digital data center also improves the performance of your applications. It provides a network that can continuously learn, protect and adapt to your business needs.

A virtual data center and server brought significant advances to a company, making it increase its performance and thus achieve better results, such as operational efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

Digital transformation is the result of technological progress. However, as it transforms (bringing, for example, better performance to an organization), it is also transformed by the development of technology.

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