Discover 5 Tech Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2022

Discover 5 Tech Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2022

Tech Trends: After another year full of changes and digital transformations (which, in turn, were highly impacted by the pandemic), the time has come to look ahead to the year early and learn about the main technological trends that 2022 has in store for us.

Many are already a reality, but the coming year tends to boost these transformations, making them reach the most different environments. This must be closely monitored so that your company is not taken by surprise.

These transformations promise to shape people’s future from now on, and those who are not aware of the concepts may miss out on unique opportunities in the market. Therefore, it is essential to understand how the current context has impacted the development of digital solutions and, especially, what will come next year.

Accelerated Digital Transformation And Technology Trends

Technological development has accelerated in the 21st century. However, the pandemic imposed the need to deploy a series of digital resources in a short time. Among the lessons of this period is the need for rapid adaptation, more significant concern for customers, and the use of data analysis as a great ally in decisions.

Thus, an example of the acceleration of innovations and changes that took place this year and reflect the period of isolation is the change in consumption, which is here to stay. After all, 13% of population bought online for the first time, 24% increased the volume of online purchases, and 52% consumed more content on the internet, according to data compiled by InfoBase Interactive. To accompany these transformations, it is essential to have technologies that allow companies to improve their activities, serve the consumer public, and, above all, be increasingly innovative and creative.

5 tech trends for 2022

Next, learn about the technology trends for 2022. A part of them is in a recent report by Gartner, which brings 12 other strategic directions in the technology field for the following year.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues as a significant trend that has promoted transformations in the reality of companies. It allows the development of systems and machines that can, with increasing assertiveness, simulate human thinking, which contributes to diverse aspects, from data analysis to accessibility.

In this field, Gartner cites generative AI. This is because it uses Machine Learning to learn data and generate new creations and innovations similar to the original, but without repeating it. This has the potential to create new video content and accelerate research and development projects, according to the company.

Hyper Automation

Hyper-automation is related to the accelerated growth and continuous improvement of processes, automating them much faster than before. This brings more possibilities regarding disruptive business models, remote operations, and scalability, says Gartner.


The importance of chatbots for companies in the most different fields comes from afar. With the growth of consumption in the digital environment and the more significant interaction between people in these environments, it will be even more important to start or reinforce the use of bots. After all, they bring more efficiency and agility in problem-solving.


According to Gartner, Total Experience is a business strategy that integrates user experience, customer experience, employee experience, and multiple experiences across multiple touchpoints in a company. Thus, it is possible to have a broad view of a company’s experiences and act to improve them, mainly through technology.


5G technology has already arrived in some cities, and this process will intensify from 2022. According to a study by Nokia and consultancy Media, it is estimated that the resource can increase productivity by 1% per year until 2035. 5G also promises to make significant contributions to education, the environment, and health by stimulating the creation of disruptive solutions and, above all, by making the Internet of Things ( IoT ) more possible. Another trend for 2022 is the ESG plan, which encompasses environmental, social, and corporate governance. In line with this concept, Brain launched the ESG Open Corp Challenge, which will help companies show their commitment to this plan.

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