Discover Google Duplex: What It Can Do For You

Discover Google Duplex: What It Can Do For You

Google Duplex is an application that uses robots to copy the human voice in calls. Although it is not yet available for use, the market eagerly awaits this Android operating system solution.

Have you ever thought about having a reliable application on your cell phone that uses human speech to communicate with all your customers, schedule meetings, or schedule services? Google Duplex seems ideal for individuals and small, medium, or large businesses for these and other tasks. Continue reading and understand more about Google Duplex.

What Is Google Duplex?

In summary, Google Duplex is a technology that uses artificial intelligence and robotization to speak like humans on calls. The programmers who develop this solution strive to make the machine’s conversations more realistic so people think they are talking to real people.

Scheduling the future sending of an email to schedule appointments or schedule appointments is no longer a novelty. What is new is that an application uses a very well-developed human voice to call and interact in speech with people.

Google Duplex works like one of those automated chats we use to communicate with a company or person, but the communication happens by voice.

Google Duplex’s artificial mind must be able to do simple things, for example, schedule meetings, request services, or make bills. When a question arises in the dialogue that the robot cannot answer, those responsible for the message can take over the communication to respond personally.

The Technology Behind Google Duplex

In the artificial intelligence (AI) world, one of the main difficulties for programmers is developing robots that use voices to communicate and interact.

One of the problems is the fact that people have many different ways of speaking and listening. Some profiles are more lengthy, while other humans prefer to be direct or omit specific parts of the message. In other words, audio that is good for specific individuals may be bad for other audiences to understand.

The promise is that the voice realism of Google Duplex is impressive, so this technology is among the most anticipated today.

Google has a lot of work to develop systems in Duplex that can establish long and interactive dialogues, a service that requires a large volume of data to feed the AI.

At first, Google Duplex should only work on conversations in English, but with integration with Google Translate, it should also be possible to use it in other languages.

When converting to different languages, Google Translate is not a 100% reliable results tool, but it is evolving more. Therefore, this type of integration with Google Duplex can generate minor language communication errors but nothing that interferes so much with understanding the messages.

Many people distrust robots because they think hackers and data thieves use them. Therefore, Google must develop ways to add trust to calls, such as a voice at the beginning of the call that announces the message as authentic and verified by Google Duplex.

Google Duplex: Features And Expectations

Like any artificial intelligence, Google Duplex gets brighter as the system is fed with constant volumes of information. However, this is not a technology capable of working with complex issues. Therefore, at least initially, this resource should be restricted to basic questions or simple requests.

Some companies spend money and hours to make appointments, schedule appointments with customers, and book appointments to receive inventory, among other things. With this, these tasks are carried out automatically, quickly, and economically, leaving more time for the team to develop other important work.

The cell phone works alone in conversations with your customers and suppliers while you can do other tasks, such as receiving appointment confirmations in your Google Assistant calendar.

Not only companies benefit from this, as you can use this service to schedule appointments at the beauty salon, book hotel rooms, and even guarantee a reservation at your favorite restaurant.

To make the most of Google Duplex, you need to have a good internet connection, including because of the need to perform quick translation so the system can chat in different languages in real-time.

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