Environmental Sustainability In Companies

Environmental Sustainability In Companies

The practice of environmental sustainability in companies is an increasingly strong trend in most industrialized countries. Brands wish to gain greater prominence and add value by practicing measures to preserve the environment, saving on the consumption of natural resources and improving their reputation with the public.

Despite the growth of the sustainable wave, the country is still far from having a society that is aware of its relationship with nature, so there are still few responsible people to the point of facing sustainability as a way of life. Therefore, companies can serve as an example for the population by taking ecological measures.

Environmental Sustainability In Companies: A Path Of Hope

Sustainability in companies also fosters healthier relationships between employees by contributing to a more harmonious work environment. Furthermore, the increase in profit due to productive evolution, the saving of resources and the growing appreciation of a responsible mentality are also results that can be obtained with the implementation of this strategy.

According to research published in different parts of the world, sustainable companies gain value faster. This point explains why large companies value the theme of sustainability as something primordial, adopting implementation strategies for their most diverse internal sectors.

For micro and medium enterprises, a sustainable strategy can be essential to remain competitive in the market and create a positive environmental impact capable of attracting new customers with green mindsets.

Main Sustainable Actions In Companies

Below, you can check out some examples of sustainable actions in companies. Choose the best strategies according to the activities carried out in your company and look for the best way to put them into practice:

Sustainable Energy

Use solar energy sources. If this is out of your budget, at least replace the old bulbs with LED standards that do not contain toxic gases, last longer, never heat up (helping to save money on air conditioning) and consume much less energy.

No Polluting

This applies from the correct disposal of waste to the responsibility for not releasing polluting chemicals into rivers or the atmosphere.

Legally Green

Managers must always consider the environmental legislation to comply with each rule.

Sustainable Projects

Creating and getting involved with sustainability and environmental preservation programs has everything it takes to add more excellent social value to the brand.

Practical Training

Train your team members, showing how the most diverse sustainable practices should be developed. Also, explain the importance of each green attitude in the company and your homes.

Alternative Transport

Encourage carpooling, charter buses that pick up or take employees to a certain point, and reserve space for parking bicycles, among other practices.

Pre-Owned Technologies

Investing in used PCs or notebooks distributed by a quality specialized company reduces electronic waste without depriving your company of renowned brand equipment’s main features and functionalities. Furthermore, this is one of the companies most popular environmental sustainability practices today.


When buying technological products, try to find out if the models are within the classification standards for sustainable energy consumption. This goes for servers, computers, printers, scanners, refrigerators, air conditioners and several other devices.

Basic Resources

Energy and water are two essential points for reducing consumption. You can, for example, minimize the use of paper by digitizing most of the company’s documents, installing sustainable recycling bins and not providing plastic cups.

Electronics Disposal

Electronic parts cannot be disposed of in regular trash. Gather electronic waste and dispose of it at recycling centers specifically for technology items. It is also possible to sell some components to companies that work with reuse in their new productions.

Brand Appreciation

Environmental sustainability practices in companies are already an indispensable corporate value, and their importance will continue to increase.

Therefore, environmental sustainability in companies is linked to the vision of producing better without wasting resources. This stance also generates more confidence in its investors, especially when production continues to be based on a high-quality standard.

Operational excellence and financial performance are still important aspects. Still, both lose value when the production process does not include safety, health, environmental concerns and ethical considerations. All of these points are essential to the set of values ​​of a modern company.

The valuation of a brand itself is closely related to the topic. For example, the ISE (Corporate Sustainability Index) of BM&F Bove spa grew more than 100% between 2005 and 2016, with other shares growing an average of 26% in the same period.

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