Five Common Questions From Tech Companies About Digital Marketing

Five Common Questions From Tech Companies About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Requirements, turnaround time, need to redesign the site: get to know some questions from tech companies in Digital Marketing and learn how to get around them!

In these almost two years of helping technology companies succeed with Digital Marketing, I saw that some doubts are common to several players in the segment. So I decided to write about the topic to help those starting and facing the same questions.

My Company Is Very Technical, And We Don’t Know How To Write. What To Do?

In a Digital Marketing strategy, content is very important to generate authority and relevance on a topic and, more than that; it is the gateway to starting a relationship with a Lead who has the potential to be a customer of your business.

In the technology landscape, companies usually have technically trained professionals who know a lot about a subject but are not in the habit of writing about it. There are some possibilities to take the first step with Digital Marketing in these cases.

First, it is necessary to contextualize that an excellent time to show up to your Lead is when he is looking to solve one of the following problems: make more money, lose less money or reduce risks within a company. In these cases, we gain the attention of Leads by showing that we were able to help them with any of these points.

Do I Need To Redesign My Website Before Starting A Digital Marketing Project?

This is a question we hear a lot in our daily lives. Typically, people want to make their website perfect before starting their Inbound Marketing strategy. Understandably, this happens because the first thought is that if I’m going to attract more people to my domain, I want it to be perfect so that whoever enters has confidence in my company.

Okay, that makes sense. However, here at RD, we have a mindset focused on actions that effectively return results for companies. It is better to have a more or less beautiful website that sells than a perfect website that does not generate revenue.

What Are The Requirements For My Company To Start In Digital Marketing?

Although the digital environment has a lot of affinity with technology companies, many companies arrive that have never used this channel for sales and want to start. At RD, we have developed a methodology to set up your Growth Machine in which the first step, the Proof of Channel, is focused precisely on this profile of companies.

How Soon Will I Have A Refund?

This is a very important question that appears a lot in our calls. It is worth mentioning that Digital Marketing strategies should be used to focus on the medium and long term, as it is necessary to constantly produce quality content to generate a volume of searches that result in traffic that can be significant for the return on sales.

However, in parallel with content production, it is possible to invest in other strategies so that the return is already measurable in the first months of work. For example, creating a Landing Page with educational material and disseminating it to your existing contact base or using a strategy with paid media are ways to speed up the process and ensure more results in the short term. Thus, it is already possible to generate Leads and qualify them to make the commercial approach later.

I Want To Reach Decision-Makers. Can I Do This With Digital Marketing?

It is always easy for us to answer this question because it is usually asked by decision-makers who are in a business process talking to one of our consultants. And we say: “yes, we have reached you”.

How does this happen? Decision-making positions are also online and have questions or seek information that may be useful daily. Therefore, your company needs to appear at the right time to capture the attention of this audience and, from there, start a relationship in a personalized way to lead them through a purchase journey to your product or service.

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