Galaxy S23 vs. Galaxy S22: What’s New In Handsets?

Galaxy S23 vs. Galaxy S22: What's New In Handsets?

Galaxy S23 vs. Galaxy S22: Samsung Unpacked 2023, an event in the United States, brought some of the main novelties of the South Korean brand to 2023. The most awaited one by many, without a doubt, was the official launch of the Galaxy S23 and its adjacent versions.

Considering that its predecessor, the S22, stood out for being a great “initial” top-of-the-line, and its Ultra version was Samsung’s best cell phone in 2022, what did the S23 bring back? Is it an evolution or just a similar device with a different name and more expensive? 


In visual terms, both devices are very similar, with the S23 has received some minor changes. The “island of cameras” in the base and version of the S22 was removed, with the three new models having a rear similar to that of the S22 Plus in terms of camera positioning. 

That is, the new S23 all have the same visual identity on the back. However, the Ultra version of the S23 differs from the base and models, having a curved screen with straighter edges and a better and optimized use for the use of the S-Pen. 

The new models can be purchased in four colors: cream, black, green, and violet. All in light and clear tones, combined with these small changes in design, leave the device with a more straightforward and minimalist face than its predecessors, although very beautiful. The new Galaxy S23 maintains IP68 water and dust resistance certification. 


In a Galaxy S23 vs. Galaxy S22 clash in terms of screens, the judge almost indicates a technical tie, but the new models win by a few more points. Everything remains the same in terms of resolution, size, and technology. The advantage for the S23 is in terms of protection; as leaks indicate, the new models are the first smartphones on the market with Gorilla Glass Vectus 2, which promises resistance to drops of up to 2 meters on asphalt up to 1 meter on the ground. Concrete. 


Between the base and models, the rear cameras remain the same as the S22, with the only relevant change being the front camera, which has increased from 10 to 12 MP. In the Ultra version, things change levels. While the primary sensor on the S22 Ultra was 108 MP, on the Galaxy S23, the sensor jumps to 200 MP, resulting in less grainy images in photos and videos. The camera settings of the S23 Ultra also have two 10 MP telephoto sensors, one with a 3x optical zoom function and the other with up to 10x zoom.

Speaking of videos, the three Galaxy S23 models have a small evolution compared to their predecessors. The S22 could already record video at up to 8K, at 24 frames per second. In the new S23, they present the same 8K, increasing the number of frames per second to 30.  

Some functions present in previous lines return with minor improvements, like the feature combining 16 pixels into one for better resolution and sharpness in low-light photos. It’s not new, but the S23 Ultra shows slightly better results than other devices.


One more point where there is an improvement but a timid evolution. The base and models of the S23 have 200 mAh more than the S22 base. We went from 3700 and 4500 mAh to 3900 and 4700 mAh, respectively. In the Ultra models, the 5000 mAh remains the same.

Even top-of-the-line devices usually don’t have such long-lasting batteries; there’s no way not to be disappointed with what was presented in the S23, even more so with such a small evolution. 

Performance: The Main Point Of The Galaxy S23 vs. Galaxy S22 Duel

As stated in our previous text, with the information we already had about the S23 before its launch, all versions of Samsung’s new smartphone come equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 For Galaxy. In the performance duel of the Galaxy S23 vs. Galaxy S22, the base model of the new line is superior to both the base S22 and the S22 Plus. 

Among the Ultra models, the S23 takes the lead by presenting more multi-core performance than the S22 Ultra with the Exons processor. The entire S23 “family” has powerful hardware, capable of smoothly running more than one function at the same time and having better graphics performance, proving to be a good choice for heavier games. For example, Gentian Impact, one of the most severe mobile games today, maintains between 55/60 fps on the Galaxy S23 Ultra with all graphics settings at maximum quality. 

A curious point in the performance tests is the Galaxy S23 vs. Galaxy S22 comparison and even among the new S23 models. The performance delivered by the base model is relatively low compared to the S23 Ultra, and one of the reasons for this is the presence of a more efficient cooling system. 

They are composed of steam chambers, a large copper plate, and a small amount of liquid, allowing for faster heat dissipation. Another crucial factor for this effectiveness is that the dissipation area is more significant than the S22. 

Galaxy S23 vs. Galaxy S22: Evolution Or Specific Changes? 

We concluded that the S23 is indeed an evolution of the S22. Still, except for performance, most of its positive changes are punctual and small details, not an absurd differential compared to its predecessor. 

S22 and S23 are excellent phones; however, if you already have an S22, it is not worth investing in the new release, considering these minor changes. Even more so considering that Samsung smartphones are usually launched with very high prices, which eventually decrease after a few months. 

But, it can be a good investment for those who want to invest in a top-of-the-line for the first time and are still deciding which one. After all, the Galaxy S23 offers more things than the S22. Even for a recent product, it is cheaper than the iPhone 14, a controversial smartphone for practically not evolving what it already had on the iPhone 13.

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