Google Marketing Platform: Learn Everything

Google Marketing Platform: Learn Everything

Google Marketing Platform: Commonly, Google is among the main channels of Digital Marketing. Millions of users use the site daily, searching for products, services, solutions, and informative content.

To meet the demands of companies that advertise on Google Ads, work with SEO and Content Marketing or use other resources, the search engine created the Google Marketing Platform.

Launched in July 2018, the platform combines Google marketing and analytics tools and is integrated with DoubleClick Digital Marketing resources. Through it, the advertiser can manage campaigns, automate processes and find insights from the target audience.

What Is Google Marketing Platform?

The Google Marketing Platform unifies some of Google’s core analytics products. Launched in July 2018, the platform offers a dynamic interface with all the information the user needs.

DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite ad services gained a new space and are now part of this new platform. The browser’s main objective with this change is to provide more agile and assertive usability.

Furthermore, Google said it wants to adapt to a reality where users have greater control over their information and offer greater control over their work.

Google Marketing Platform Tools

The Google Marketing Platform has eight tools in its catalogue to promote online products. Are they:

  • Google Analytics: perhaps the most used Google tool, Google Analytics also integrates the Google Marketing Platform, enabling dynamic visualization of lead and customer information;
  • Data Studio: this resource aims to integrate different data sources and organize them in a customized way for better understanding. Furthermore, it makes it possible to share this information with other people;
  • Google Optimize: A/B testing platform that allows you to try out a website before launching it. With this feature, it is possible to viewpoints of improvement in domain performance to ensure good functionality for the user;
  • Google Surveys: so that a company can better understand its audience, Surveys make it possible to create personalized forms that efficiently collect and organize user responses;
  • Tag Manager: Tag Manager facilitates the ranking process with an error scan, ensuring fast loading;
  • Campaign Manager 360: This tool is ideal for optimizing online ad serving. This is because it offers support for campaign management for websites and smartphones ;
  • Display & Video 360: This feature allows the integration of data with media through modular management that aligns all processes involving campaign production;
  • Search Ads 360: The Ads 360 platform was created for search campaigns. With it, it is possible to monitor advertising results and understand how they influence the results of other channels.

Advantages Of The Google Marketing Platform

As we saw in the previous topic, Google’s main advertising tools are combined on its Marketing platform. This is already a helping hand for the success of all the processes that make up the development of a campaign.

But, in addition to the countless possibilities that integration brings, other benefits using this platform can offer companies; check them out:

Speed ​​In Marketing Actions

Google’s marketing platform enables the automation of various daily processes and tasks. Furthermore, the user can plan and monitor all these actions efficiently and quickly.

This makes campaign development more dynamic and simpler to follow. This is because all the most critical information is grouped clearly and with quick access.

More Control Over Campaigns

Not all Marketing campaigns are successful, and that’s okay; it’s part of the development process. But, the company should remember that it is essential to observe these losses and act to overcome these problems carefully.

To do this, the user needs to pay attention to the platform’s insights and make changes to their campaigns. This way, it can ensure a good experience for leads and customers without losing their investments.

Greater Sharing Efficiency

One of the main factors of the Google Marketing Platform is the sharing possibilities between members of a team and different teams. This allows for more efficient strategic alignment, transforming individual efforts into joint achievements.

With the platform, this dialogue is efficient, and the insights, noise and decision-making begin to involve everyone who is part of the development of the campaigns.

A Broad View Of The Public

It is only possible to get anywhere with in-depth knowledge of the audience. Therefore, it is more than essential that a company combines its efforts to understand its target audience.

Through some of the main features of the Google Marketing platform, you can observe audience engagement and ways to attract even more traffic.

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