Home Office Digital Marketing Is A Viable Option

Home Office Digital Marketing Is A Viable Option

Working in a digital marketing activity at the home office is an increasingly viable and interesting alternative for professionals from different areas that have been breaking with the paradigm of physical presence in favor of productivity and quality of life, especially in large urban centers.

The development of digital marketing work at the home office has become a worldwide trend due to the facilities offered by the current digital technology, where video conferencing or screen sharing can be done through free and widely disseminated applications.

Job Opportunities In Digital Marketing At A Home Office

The digital advertising market is making great strides, but we have a serious problem: the lack of workforce in digital marketing. The demand is growing, but unfortunately, we still need more professionals, really qualified in online marketing, to satisfy the existing demand.

The result of this is a real explosion in salaries in digital marketing, which has made professionals in this area happy and, on the other hand, has considerably increased the cost of agencies, which with this, lose competitiveness and, consequently, customers, especially among small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

To worsen the picture of digital marketing, the urban chaos of each day increasingly takes the time of these professionals in endless traffic jams and parking queues that, in addition to being expensive, do not always offer the necessary spaces for the legion of cars circulating our streets and avenues.

Remote Work As A Solution

In addition to the problems exposed above, there is still the issue of the high costs of urban space. In large metropolises, office space rentals border on insanity. As a result, many agencies have opted for remote work to optimize costs and, simultaneously, have a team with a better quality of life that translates into similar results. Best.

The work in digital marketing is, from an administrative point of view, simple and easy to measure. There are tasks and objectives to be achieved, as in any profession. Therefore, it can be conducted from the home environment without the slightest loss of quality. Metrics and KPIs are there for just that.

Open Working Relationships

Due to the technological facilities available, home office digital marketing is viable as an effective hiring option or even in freelance tasks, which is becoming a very common practice in this segment.

A professional with a good background in digital marketing currently has a very promising market, especially if they focus on small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, practically ignored by large digital agencies.

Bearing in mind that less than fifteen percent of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs have an effective digital presence, either through their websites or, more rarely, social media, the market’s potential for growth is gigantic.

Those who manage to identify this market and bring it to their portfolio have no complaints to make. In our courses, an increasing number of participants are looking for a specialization in digital marketing to establish themselves as digital marketing consultants working from a home office.

Discipline Is Necessary For Digital Marketing Work From The Home Office

Although in technical and business terms, the digital marketing activity in a home office is fully viable, Discipline is a fundamental factor for those who want to succeed in this type of endeavor. Without it, the professional can get lost between domestic tasks and the dozens of requests we are subject to when we develop professional work based in an office at Home.

In the current stage of digital marketing, concentration is fundamental, with an increasing number of tools needing to be used in full harmony to achieve a synergy in digital marketing that allows us to gain efficiency in the set of tools used.

If you allow the external appeals of the Home to interfere with your work, you will certainly lose efficiency. It is necessary to clarify what is Home and what is Office. With this, it is easier to maintain concentration and serve quality and efficiency to your customers. Working at Home is understanding the concept, which goes far beyond the Home Office.

Reduced Costs Generate A Competitive Edge

One of the great advantages of a digital marketing activity developed from a home office is the low operational cost compared to an established digital agency. Costs such as rent, condominium, IPTU, and others, typical of a formally established company, add up when you work from a home office. There is a great chance to create a competitive differential and compete with agencies as equals in the market.

If you’re wise enough to pass these cost savings on to your rate card, you’ll certainly be in a much better position than most digital agencies. One of the secrets of working from Home via the Internet is to pass on the low costs to the price of the service and thus gain a market share.

Note that we are not talking about the prostitution of the professional service, with demeaning prices, but about adapting the price of the service to its cost matrix. I go. Further, it is necessary to value more focused and personalized work that can be offered by a professional dedicated to a few clients. Any questions about it?

Ready For The Challenge?

My intention with this article was not to say that developing digital marketing work at the home office is easy. Quite the contrary, I clearly and objectively exposed the various obstacles. I intend to draw attention to a job opportunity that until recently seemed unthinkable.

The agility and speed of action provided by digital media broke the immobilization proposed by the economic model inherited from the industrial revolution that stipulated place and time for work activities and raised the professional and entrepreneurial challenge to a new level.

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