How Do I Make Influencer Marketing Turn Into Sales?

How Do I Make Influencer Marketing Turn Into Sales?

Sales In the end, the goal is always this: to turn the hand that moves your company. With Influencer Marketing, the idea is no different. However, you need to understand that things work differently on this internet site.

The influencer alone, really, may not generate any sales. However, the set of Influence Marketing strategies will help improve your results. According to a survey conducted by Mind Miners, 47% of people have already bought something because they saw the influencer talking about it. And with the checklist below, we will help you be part of this team.

Are The People Your Influencer Communicates With Fit With Your Product?

When selecting an influencer for your Influencer Marketing campaign, it is common to see personalities were chosen for their style, the content they produce, and their fit with the brand. And it’s not wrong to look at all these items. However, the preliminary information is left out: who is the audience that consumes your influencer’s content?

The tip here is to look from the end to the beginning: pay attention to your influencer’s audience. Read the comments left on your posts, and ask for screenshots of the insights areas that show the age group and location of the audience that follows you. And most importantly, trust your instincts. If you think there’s something wrong with your chosen influencer’s comments, likes, and shares, don’t hesitate to raise these points in an honest conversation.

Another point to keep an eye on is your influencer’s background. Has he run any campaigns before? What were the results of these publications? What was the way you used your communication? Did the posts ring true? For your strategy to work, your choices need to be correct.

Did You Choose Influencers From The Right Networks?

This tip is essential for micro and small business that want to work with Influencer Marketing. Whenever you work with influencers, choose from those on the networks your company is also on.

If you cannot communicate with people who will be interested in your product and have nothing to offer if interested parties search for you on the net, it is better not to risk it. You will spend part of your budget and hardly get any return.

Don’t Just Bet On Your Influencer’s Content

This tip is complementary to the one above. What do you offer your customer when they look for you on your influencer’s social network?

If we are talking about a product or service that does not have an eCommerce site for immediate purchase and the person interested in your influencer’s communication is looking for you, do your networks offer complementary content to those made by your influencer? How do you continue the conversation with these people?

Your brand should be much more than an influencer ad, and when the consumer is impacted by their favorite personality, you shouldn’t break the magic created by your contractor.

Does Your Influencer Convey The Truth?

Great influencers are very good at reaching out to your product or service. However, people already have a greater discernment about what is or is not advertising. Some great influencers have already stopped being perceived as ordinary people and become celebrities. And people know which stars sell. A good Influencer Marketing strategy must know what the main objective of your campaign is and, therefore, put this factor in the balance when choosing an influencer. Digital leaders have much greater reliability among their followers and can probably be a better option for smaller companies looking to insert their product or service into people’s routines.

Does Your Campaign Generate Empathy Between Influencers And Their Followers?

An influencer’s job is to generate connections, and it is from this trust between followers and personality that he lives. Your brand cannot ask for that trust to be betrayed with fake legal texts and promotions. For example, if your brand provides a coupon for the influencer to distribute, but with the same discount you already give in your stores, what is the real benefit you are generating?

Working with Influencer Marketing is different than working with a media campaign. People will ask about your product, about its quality, they will ask questions and criticize when they feel cheated.

Be transparent, align assumptions, and don’t plaster your influencer. Quite the contrary: provide opportunities for him to make his brand better perceived by his followers.

And always remember:

  • Choose your talents very carefully;
  • The sale is the consequence of excellent marketing action. There has to be an honest and genuine connection otherwise, you will go unnoticed;
  • Be 100% aligned with your actual goals with hiring the influencer. He should know that there are goals behind your contract and what you expect from him;
  • Point actions do not rotate the pointer. A sporadic post will hardly build something for your brand;
  • Think about how to work your Influencer Marketing strategy for more extended periods. To convey even more truth to the followers, the influencer must show that their brand is present in their daily lives.

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