How Do You Invest In Social Marketing?

How Do You Invest In Social Marketing?

With a certain amount of investment you can now start developing social marketing in your company. To be able to apply this resource effectively, it is first necessary to use content marketing tools, such as audience segmentation, market research, goal plans and definition of themes.

Defining the social cause to be supported by your company is also extremely important. To make this decision, you must research so that the choice is closely linked to the values ​​of the company and its target audience.

To find the values ​​that the consumer will best accept, you must work by following the three basic steps of social marketing:

  • Identification of the importance ​​of the client and the business itself;
  • Mapping the social causes that pass through these values;
  • Please choose the reason and dedicate yourself to it with short, medium and long-term goals.

After that, the company needs to define campaigns to mobilize people. They will be determined according to the chosen audience segment and the goals to be achieved. With this explained, your company must act as a trustworthy agent promoting the proposed change.

If your business cannot get directly involved with the cause, you can choose to use the philanthropy marketing segment and donate amounts to an entity in the area that will do the practical work.

Either way, you must become intensely involved with the campaign, encouraging effective changes and publicizing the work so that consumers associate your brand with the cause and increasingly value your organization.

It is necessary to know that the way this disclosure is made makes all the difference to the success of the action. Below, we will list some tips and examples of campaigns that worked so that you can get inspired. Check out!

Collecting Donations

This is the most common and well-known way to carry out a social action. You can raise funds for NGOs, daycare centers or directly for needy families. Donations do not necessarily need to be in cash. Non-perishable foods, gifts and even building materials can be helpful for the type of action you are supporting.

The Criança Esperança program on TV Globo, which aims to raise funds to help low-income children, was a successful donation campaign. Today, it is recognized as an international model by the UN and has a partnership with UNESCO. McDia Feliz, from McDonalds, is also very successful, turning Big Mac sales into donations to benefit children with cancer. Both are campaigns that encourage direct customer involvement with the specific cause.

Another exciting example is Santa Claus at the Post Office: a campaign in which the Post Office receives letters from vulnerable children asking Santa Claus for gifts and takes these requests to people willing to give them gifts.

Encouragement To Perform An Action

This type of campaign involves a certain amount of persuasion, but when developed in the right way and with good segmentation, it is possible to reach many people. You can encourage anyone to adopt animals or practice trash recycling, for example.

The objective was to raise awareness about adopting abandoned animals. Thus, Pedigree converts part of the sales of its products into donations to support NGOs that care for pets.

Natural Resource Awareness

Large companies carry out social action and aim to raise awareness about the appropriate use of natural resources. You can encourage the donation of water, provide information about the current situation of water resources in the country, encourage voluntary work to clean rivers and promote reforestation actions, among others.

Public Health Campaigns

In this type of action, many topics can be covered depending on where your company is located. Use of condoms, information about protection against STDs, awareness about breast cancer, treatment of little-known diseases, and containment of disease vectors (such as dengue fever) are among the campaigns that can be carried out.

You may have already realized that social marketing in companies may be more complex to do. Still, it is effective not only in winning customers but also in influencing and changing society.

The tendency is for people to start demanding more and more from their favorite brands, a positioning that contributes to a better world. Therefore, by investing in this tool, your business can really make a difference in the lives of many people, in addition to strengthening your brand identity and attracting more customers.

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