How The Business Process Works In Outbound Marketing

How The Business Process Works In Outbound Marketing

In the business process, outbound marketing works as a closed circle. Within this circle, several techniques attract the customer’s attention, such as TV advertisements, paper flyers and even the active approach of salespeople and telemarketing.

A circle represents outbound because this strategy works more directly, unlike inbound and its engagement stages. So it doesn’t matter if the lead‘s first contact with the brand is a TV ad or a phone call, as the same techniques can be used more than once until the prospecting pays off.

However, it is always good to be careful not to overdo the approaches and end up irritating the potential customer. Use all techniques sparingly and respectfully.

Outbound Strategies To Apply Right Now

Now that you already know what outbound is and how important this strategy is to the success of your startup, how can you apply this concept in practice?

Thinking of those looking for outbound tips that can be applied immediately in their work routine, we’ve put together some strategies below. Keep following!

Practice Active Listening

Before anything else, it’s important to hear what your customer has to say. That’s because, in the traditional approach, salespeople used to deliver their prepared pitch about the product, and in the meantime, they ignored all possible questions and objections from the lead.

In active listening, you listen to the lead‘s pain before offering your solutions, and this is a technique that works! Studies show that salespeople who close the most sales only talk about 46% of the approach time.

Use Technology As An Ally

You must have already realized that not using the internet in your approaches is quite a mistake. With most leads using the internet daily, betting on brand recognition, ads, and even social media sales is a great option for those who want to reach this audience.

WhatsApp, for example, is a social network used by 98% of the population, and many make purchases within the platform. Therefore, creating a WhatsApp Business account (segmentation of the application aimed precisely at sales) is a great option to bring more practicality and comfort to your customers when making approaches. Likewise, investing in paid ads on social media and search filters is also a great option.

Outbound Marketing Tools

The internet also allowed other tools to be created and the traditional telephone to carry out customer prospecting. As most leads today are online, knowing a little more about each can be an essential strategy for anyone who wants to implement outbound. Check out!

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator;
  • Kropp;
  • Get Prospect;
  • Find That Lead.

How To Combine Outbound And Inbound Marketing

You may have already noticed that inbound and outbound marketing are opposite strategies, but they can complement each other. For a consolidated marketing strategy, your company needs these two business aspects.

With that in mind, we’ve brought some tips to align inbound and outbound in your startup so that both strategies coexist and help each other in customer prospecting.

Y-Shaped Sales Funnel

The Y-shaped sales funnel most used by marketers who seek to combine both strategies. But what is it? In the standard funnel, the potential customer’s steps are represented according to the brand’s level of maturity and education. The more the lead contacts the company (whether online, in person, through ads, etc.), the closer it gets to the bottom of the funnel, where the purchase approach takes place.

With outbound prospecting, however, it is expected that the approached customer has not had any contact with the company yet, and is at the top of the funnel. For this, the company must create a different approach for each type of lead, according to the level of contact with the brand.

While the pitch should sound the same, standardized, outbound leads are usually at the top and seek more explanation about the product or service. In contrast, more intense approaches can be used for inbound leads, depending on the funnel stage.

Therefore, this funnel technique is interpreted by the letter Y, as it represents the two ways in which the company’s potential customers are being acquired: inbound on one side and outbound on the other.

Sales Marketing

Although this is already a strategy today, due to its success in companies, Endarkening is a kind of integration between outbound and inbound.

In it, outbound service professionals (salespeople) also have some inbound knowledge, bringing together sales and marketing skills in a single area. In this way, it is easier to understand both inbound and outbound processes, as the professional has contact with both.

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