How To Know If The Airpods Are Genuine?

How To Know If The Airpods Are Genuine?

Airpods: Apple products are extremely popular, and many people desire consumption with each release. However, the high price of their devices causes many replicas and counterfeits to appear on the market.

The famous Airpods headphones manufacturer is usually replicated and easily found in various online and physical stores, with prices well below the original and can confuse some consumers. But to avoid falling into any vicar’s tale, check out some tips on knowing if the Airpods are original.

How To Know If The Airpods Are Genuine?


The first thing to pay attention to when encountering an Airpods ad is its price. Apple headphones are not such cheap devices. Therefore, if you find a promotion far below market value, suspect it is a fake. The 2nd generation Airpods on Apple’s official website is priced at Rs. 14,900\-.

Some imitations of the device may appear at a considerably lower price. Therefore, if you are looking for an Airpods, prefer large stores, authorized resellers or buy from Apple.


Apple is also known for providing a complete unboxing experience to its consumers. The manufacturer uses good materials for its packaging, and this can be a crucial point to know if the Airpods are original. Check if the box is flawed, if the finishing of the letters, logos and others is shiny and if the handset is perfectly fitted inside the package.

Many counterfeits can even come close, but looking carefully, it is possible to notice some printing errors or a not-so-well-finished and fragile box, with oscillation in the font or colors.

Construction Of The Headphones And Charging Case

The Airpods have a premium finish, with the color of the earbuds and a bright white charging case. Counterfeits may differ in these colors, sometimes being more opaque. The construction of the replicas also usually has a less polished finish and is much lighter and more fragile than the original devices.

The original charging case has a pairing button on the back that is completely flush, unlike fakes which may have a small bulge, and the lid may not close. 

The fit in the ear is another important point to know if the Airpods are original. Apple headphones have a good fit to prevent them from coming out of the user’s ear. All this care with the design of counterfeit products generally does not happen.

Serial Number

All Apple products come with a unique serial number to identify originality. On Airpods, this numbering can be found on the cover of the charging case or in your iPhone settings if it is connected to the smartphone.

After finding the serial number, go to the website check the originality of your device. You need to put the serial number, and all the information about your headphones will appear. If you can’t find the number or the website doesn’t recognize it, you probably have a typo, or your Airpods are counterfeit.

Sound Quality And Connection

The last tip on how to know if the AirPods are original is to check the sound quality of the device. Apple invests in technologies that deliver crisp, clean sound to its consumers. In the AirPods Pro model, there are still spatial sound and noise canceling features that are unlikely to appear in a product that is not real. Keep an eye on the sound reproduction quality, and if you notice the noise, burst bass, very low volume or any other nuisance, unfortunately, your purchase may be a fake.

An interesting feature for those using the AirPods connected to the iPhone is the automatic Bluetooth connection when the charging case is opened. This connection is also very stable, as Apple’s original headphones come with Bluetooth 5.0, ensuring your devices don’t get disconnected easily.

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