How To Know If The Xiaomi Cell Phone Is Original?

How To Know If The Xiaomi Cell Phone Is Original?

Xiaomi arrived quickly compared to its competitors and quickly gained popularity. With powerful settings, good-quality cameras, and a price that is usually more affordable than most other manufacturers, the Chinese brand soon secured its space in the market.

Despite several products in its catalog, smartphones were largely responsible for all this success. And as a consequence, there are also many counterfeits. But how to know if the Xiaomi cell phone is original?

Check out some tips to try to avoid stress with the purchase of your new cell phone.

How To Know If The Xiaomi Cell Phone Is Original?

Smartphones are considered almost essential products in the daily lives of many people. But investing in a good cell phone can reach a very high value. At first, Xiaomi brought models with good settings without costing the consumer an absurd amount. The lower price and being a relatively new brand awakened a variety of counterfeit smartphones being marketed.

In order not to be disappointed with the purchase of a fake device, some tips can avoid further inconvenience. It is important to remember that with the cell phone in hand, it is easier to find out whether it is an original version.

Beware Of Very Low Prices

Even though Xiaomi still has the reputation of having “better and cheaper” devices, a smartphone is not extremely cheap. When faced with this situation, quickly examine the average internet prices. If it’s too low, chances are it’s a fake. To facilitate price checking, look for the model you found for a price well below the average on the comparison; if the value is much lower than the average of the main retailers, be suspicious.

Watch The Ad

Ads can be indicative of possible counterfeiting. Advertisements with “Original” writing, very amateurish and with a wide variety of specifications about the model already in the title, can be a clue to the fake cell phone scam. Some even offer a variety of colors that the original smartphone doesn’t even have. Look carefully at these advertisements and compare the box, exterior details, button position, and several cameras with official photos of Xiaomi models.

Check Device IMEI Or S/N

It would help to have your cell phone or packaging in hand for this tip. Every cell phone has a unique IMEI code that works as an identification number for the device. It comes written on the box along with the S/N and the IMEI 2. But you can also consult it in the smartphone settings, typing *#06# in the dialer and pressing the call key to display the IMEI.

Once this is done, it is possible to consult the Anatel website to check the situation of the device. If it is an original product, the message “So far the informed IMEI has no restrictions on use” will appear.

Checking On The Xiaomi Website

Xiaomi has a website where you can check the authenticity of your device and whether it is a global or Chinese version. To do this, go to the official Xiaomi website and look for the “Product Authentication” tab. Enter the IMEI code or serial number (S/N available on the box) in the provided space and verify. The site will inform you if your smartphone is an original version and which model.

Check Security Code

The box with the device has a shiny seal for scratching with a coin or other object. Below this seal, there is a security number consisting of 20 digits. After finding the number, go to the same product authentication tab and do the same verification procedure to display the authenticity information.

It is worth remembering that not all Xiaomi devices have this shiny seal with the security code. It doesn’t necessarily mean your smartphone is fake if it doesn’t.

Check Out MIUI

MIUI is the interface developed by Xiaomi for its devices. When the cell phone is fake, the ROM is changed. That is, the operating system that is already installed is modified to a version different from the official one. If you try to update to the original version, Xiaomi’s security algorithms will permanently block your device.

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