How To Use Endomarketing As A Motivation

How To Use Endomarketing As A Motivation

Endomarketing: Internal marketing must be clarified despite being so present and essential in companies. Just as many confuse marketing with simple advertising, so do your internals.

In both cases, publicity and advertising play a fundamental role, but they are just one of the possible initiatives considering the scope of these disciplines.

It is even more appropriate to talk about promotion, not advertising, given the fundamental objective of end marketing, but that is another discussion.

Endomarketing: What Is It?

Marketing is the sum of actions and strategies to promote products and services, enabling their distribution, exploring markets with business objectives, and satisfying a target audience.

Endomarketing, on the other hand, is the internalization of this range of activities in the context of companies. If the target is the consumer, in internal marketing, actions are concentrated on a company’s employees or business partners.

The fundamental difference is that, in internal marketing, the relationship gains even greater relevance. Not by chance, it is often associated with a branch of communication that, although it is also used for promotion, has a different scope: internal communication.

Internal Communication And End Marketing: What Is The Relationship?

Considering each area’s objectives makes it easier to understand where endomarketing and internal communication are related. The first consists of actions aimed at engaging and motivating employees in their functions, making them more productive, thus generating more value for the company.

On the other hand, internal communication provides an information service for employees, who keep abreast of matters of interest through media supplied by the organization itself.

Objectives Of Internal Marketing In Companies

Successful companies know that they must define a consistent business plan to remain competitive. This plan is broken down into other methods, such as financial, marketing, tax/accounting, etc.

For these plans to be successful, one element is indispensable: the active and effective participation of the people involved. In this respect, internal marketing can be used to engage a company’s employees in its strategic objectives.

It is also a means of promoting the organization’s values, thus making people adopt them. These initiatives also help to create common goals, fostering teamwork and a collaborative spirit.

Not least important, the Endomarketing channels increase the engagement of professionals, who start to feel more integrated when they see meaning in what they do.

Endomarketing As A People Management Tool

Forming and maintaining high-performance teams is the “dream of consumption” of every organization. Employees engaged with the company’s objectives and fans of the products or services they sell are undoubtedly its best promoters.

Imagine, for example, a worker at assembler X who prefers cars from assembler Y. It’s not forbidden, of course, but it doesn’t go very well, do you agree?

One way to avoid this is to develop internal marketing actions and strategies that increase each employee’s involvement with the company and its solutions. This is just one of the many affirmative actions made possible by internal marketing, which is a powerful instrument to achieve better results.

Internal Marketing And Motivation

Motivation at work is related to external and internal factors. It can be worked from the outside in, but it must come primarily from the inside out.

In this second aspect, companies find their most significant challenges in engaging their employees; after all, each individual has aspirations and expectations. According to the research, the most important thing is that internal marketing brings concrete results, mainly in terms of motivation.

Internal Marketing And Productivity

Another case study suggests that companies with high productivity achieve good results by developing internal marketing strategies and actions.

In the survey carried out among the employees of a company, it was demonstrated that high productive capacity is linked to motivational actions, a pleasant organizational environment, and in which people are recognized.

Other reasons may lead the company to present a high performance. This performance is likely to be achieved with consistent work on its image with employees.

How To Do An End Marketing Project

Endomarketing demands planning, in the same way as marketing actions, so that its purposes are achieved promptly and at an affordable cost. Internal marketing is a sum of efforts, and good results cannot be expected by doing things on the spur of the moment.

On the other hand, how to start from scratch when the company needs a structure for this and established communication channels? Success will depend on creating a project adjusted to the company’s capabilities and needs.

Learn how to get started below.

Find A Team Of Experts

Just as we don’t risk building a house without the support of architects and engineers, an end marketing plan needs to be conducted by specialists.

The company can set up its team or, if it prefers, outsource services to a company in the field. The main advantage of hiring personnel is greater control over activities, but on the other hand, costs are higher. In turn, outsourcing is more affordable and can generate results and a dedicated sector, although with less direct control.

Set SMART Goals

With the professionals hired, it’s time to start planning, which begins with defining the objectives. For this step, it is worth using the SMART goal-setting tool, which should be:

  • S (Specific): specific in what they propose
  • M (Measurable): quantifiable and measurable
  • An (Attainable): Achievable
  • R (Relevant): challenging and relevant
  • T (Time-based): having a deadline for completion.

This applies to goals related to motivation, which, although a subjective issue, can have its results measured objectively. This is what companies do that resort to satisfaction surveys or that measure motivation by associating it with increased productivity.

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