How To Use Instant Articles In Favor Of Your Company

How To Use Instant Articles In Favor Of Your Company

Do you know what Instant Articles are? Using this Facebook feature is essential for companies that want to improve the audience and engagement of their articles by offering an optimized and complete user experience.

Every company that works to enhance its image through social networks like Facebook knows that “audience and engagement” are crucial terms.

And to make content marketing techniques more optimized and likely to achieve tremendous interaction success, Facebook announced the arrival of Instant Articles: A feature that allows media outlets to publish interactive articles on the social network.

From now on, instead of users being directed to the newspaper’s website to read a news item, they will be able to access content hosted on Facebook itself, which makes the pages load much faster.

What Are Instant Articles?

When clicked on Facebook, they are articles that immediately open within the social network, so the user is not redirected to another page. This feature is excellent for companies, as it allows them to publish more interactive content containing images, videos, maps, infographics, etc., which will load quickly.

It is also great for the users themselves, as it allows them to inform themselves more efficiently and have a positive experience with Facebook and the company that makes the content available.

The Benefits Of Instant Articles

As we can see, Instant Articles are a way of viewing pages within Facebook itself. When used, the feature allows the page to load fast, with much less chance of errors or problems. Therefore, pages are more likely to be read and can be even more complete with images, videos, etc.

According to the official Instant Articles page, pages viewed using this functionality open ten times faster than regular pages. In addition, the user is 70% less likely to abandon the article. What’s more: Facebook makes the original URL available when showing content in Instant Articles, which means that Google recognizes the traffic.

You may not know it, but the largest social network in the world has a system for creating paid ads capable of boosting your brand against the competition: Facebook Ads. Within it, you can boost your results and be seen by several users without getting tired of your campaigns.

Also known as Facebook Lead Ads, Facebook Lead Ads is the feature that ensures entrepreneurs reach the right leads. If you don’t know what leads are, here’s a brief explanation: leads are potential consumers who have shown some interest in your product or service. Typically, these users come to you through relevant content.

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But getting back to our main subject, lead generation on Facebook is mainly aimed at mobile devices, as it ensures that your company’s potential customers will be reached at any cost by the campaigns.

But before you go out there wondering how to generate leads on Facebook at any cost, be aware that a well-done campaign is the one that has the most significant potential to reach the people you want. So, take care of personalization.

And if you constantly publish instant articles, Facebook will begin to provide critical data such as topics that work for your audience, subjects that should no longer be worked on, rate of people who are reading your entire article, among others.

Engagement is also a very positive detail. Even without automatic reach favoring, according to Facebook, people tend to share 30% more articles on Instant Articles than on regular pages, which can significantly increase the reach of posts.

See How To Use Instant Articles And Get Started Right Away!

The good news is that the option is available for any link ad on Facebook. When editing placements in ad set creation, you can choose Instant Articles. To make all your articles viable through the resource, it is necessary to register.

First, select which Facebook page you want to be made available. Then follow two more steps, very well explained by the Facebook quick guide : The first involves setting up the website and page, and the second is submitting articles for approval by the Facebook team.

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