Inbound Marketing And Content Marketing: Difference

Inbound Marketing And Content Marketing: Difference

Inbound Marketing And Content Marketing: In digital marketing, several strategies and terminologies can confuse even the most experienced professionals. One of the most common confusions is between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing.

Although they are different things, Content Marketing can be one of the marketing strategies used in an Inbound Marketing campaign. In reality, one serves as a complement to the other.

Inbound Marketing is a broad strategy that aims to make your customers find you, while content marketing seeks to create and distribute content for free.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

To begin with, let’s understand what Inbound Marketing is all about. The translation of Inbound Marketing can be done as Attraction Marketing; that is, it is a strategy that aims to attract customers without necessarily going after them.

This strategy presents an inversion of the roles played by the company and the customers in more traditional marketing campaigns, where the company goes to the customer with advertisements and advertisements.

Therefore, the customer is the one who arrives at your company’s website, and this can be done in different ways, such as search engines, referral sites, social networks and much more.

The idea here is not for the customer to come to your website to close a deal with you but to work on your brand positioning and authority and present your solutions to the customer.

Eventually, this customer can move up the sales funnel and get to the point of completing a purchase with you. Now, let’s understand what Content Marketing is.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategy based on creating content to educate, entertain or inform a potential customer. As you can see, it is directly linked to Inbound Marketing; after all, it is with Content Marketing that you will feed your customer attraction strategies.

This marketing methodology aims to educate and inform users about certain subjects, which will make them realize that they have a need that needs to be solved.

By consuming more content, they identify solutions to this problem and start looking for the best companies to close deals with. The idea is that your company is in the customer’s memory thanks to the quantity and quality of the content you offer them, and, thus, when the right time comes, it will be with you that they close the deal.

Content creation can be done on different platforms and in various formats. You can create a blog and post articles on subjects related to your market segment, record videos or podcasts, develop social networks and generate content. The important thing is that you have quality content that will solve potential customers’ pain.

Inbound Marketing And Content Marketing?

The difference is that the first is a broad and generic strategy involving several other systems and actions. In contrast, the second is a specific strategy that can be part of Inbound Marketing.

As Attraction Marketing aims to get customers to your website, Content Marketing is a potent tool. By combining this strategy with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, you can reach the highest positions on Google or any other search engine.

That way, whenever a possible customer searches for a subject related to your niche market and your team has created content about it, that customer will come to your website.

Over time, and if your content is of quality, trust in your company will increase, and when he is ready to close a deal, he will remember your company. That is, much more than understanding the difference between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing; it is necessary to know that these two strategies go hand in hand and can bring many benefits to your company.

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