Internet Advertising: What It Is And How to Do It

Internet Advertising: What It Is And How to Do It

Those who work with digital marketing know that advertising on the Internet is very different from traditional advertising. It goes far beyond traditional marketing, which uses resources such as telemarketing, TV advertising, mass reach and generalist actions.

Internet advertising involves a set of specific actions and strategies for building a brand, public attraction, conversion and relationship. And although many people still associate the online environment with inaccessible resources and complicated strategies, internet advertising is much simpler and cheaper than traditional advertising. Nowadays, it is possible to create – from scratch – a strong brand by investing only in internet advertising.

For the big brands already consolidated in the market, the Internet represents a revolution in marketing and relating to the public. If you want to know more about it, stay with us! In this post, we will show you what online advertising is, its advantages and how to be successful with it.

What Is Internet Advertising?

Internet advertising is a set of strategies and tactics used to build a brand, promote products or services, and increase sales and customer loyalty in the virtual world.

Unlike traditional advertising, investing in internet marketing strategies allows for faster results with a much higher return on investment (ROI). This happens for several reasons. First, advertising on the Internet is much cheaper than traditional means of communication, such as radio and TV.

The possibility of reaching the right people through segmentation makes actions much more effective in conversion. Likewise, the return in reach and audience is also more significant since the Internet allows reaching thousands of people simply and effectively.

Is It Worth Investing In Online Advertising?

The first benefit is having an open window on the world’s main avenue, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you invest in advertising on the Internet, this happens: the brand is visible to thousands of people who didn’t even know it existed—all the time.

When done well, online advertising increases a brand’s visibility and the possibility of traffic to a website or e-commerce. And, if you still need more reasons to bet on advertising on the Internet, keep reading this post; we will present other advantages of the digital format than the traditional one!

Cost Reduction

Advertising in the virtual world costs less than in the traditional model. Anyone can and can invest because there is no minimum amount.


Creating an online campaign is more straightforward than the traditional one, especially since the necessary resources and information are all available on online ad platforms.

Incidentally, tools such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google itself bring information that was not even available to brands before the Internet. In addition to making it possible to reach the right people for the brand, advertising platforms are becoming more straightforward and more intuitive.

And they are distributed in different internet channels: websites, groups, portals, social networks, etc. This means, first and foremost, that the Internet is the perfect place to reach the masses, regardless of geographic location.

But not only that. In addition to reaching many people, getting people interested in and identifying with the brand is possible. Targeting ads according to the audience and brand objectives makes outreach effective.


Internet advertising is even more accurate than traditional advertising. With it, you increase your chances of reaching the right people and achieving a good result. Targeting features allow brands to choose precisely the characteristics of the audience they want to get, including age group, location, gender, interests and behaviors.

Measurement Of Results

The results obtained with online campaigns are measurable in real-time, which is not the case with traditional advertising. While the ad is in the air, you can identify how many clicks were made on the banner, how many purchases were generated, and where the users came from, and you can even optimize the ad. The same goes for websites, landing pages, online forms, etc.

What Are The Best Internet Advertising Resources?

If you’ve already convinced yourself that it’s worth investing in internet advertising, see the best ways to implement it. Follow!

Google Ads

It is ideal for creating sponsored links and promoting the product or service online. Through it, you can attract customers and increase your sales. There are different ways to advertise on Google Ads; they are:

  • Research Network;
  • Display Network;
  • Google Shopping;
  • Video;
  • Universal for Apps.

Each of them has different characteristics and focuses. However, in any case, Google Ads aims to create online ad campaigns that will appear in different Google environments.

Social Ads

Ads on social media tend to deliver significant results. Creation is done through specific platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram Ads. Ads on social networks allow for different formats and targeting, which enables even greater accuracy and reach. At the same time, getting more people and positioning the brand appropriately for better results is possible.


Blogs are also indispensable tools for those who will invest in internet advertising. In addition to being the setting for content marketing and inbound marketing strategies, blogs are environments for building brand authority and attracting leads and customer loyalty.

To generate qualified traffic on the blog, you can also invest in link-building strategies – a technique to get quality backlinks (links on other sites pointing to your site).

Email Marketing

Despite the controversies, email marketing still brings results for companies that know how to do it. This is what the results obtained by the Email Marketing Trends 2018 survey show. According to the survey, 52% of companies consider themselves successful in this strategy.

Regarding consumption habits, 78.4% of users like to receive newsletters, and 76.8% have already purchased them after receiving this message. Why are these percentages reached?

One of the main reasons is that the people who received the email marketing have authorized sending the message. Therefore, think carefully before sending out your emails. Having healthy lists, delivering valuable content (not just advertising) and not spamming are essential for the results of this strategy.

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