Is Samsung OLED TV Any Good? Learn More

Is Samsung OLED TV Any Good? Learn More

Despite being widely known for its television sets with QLED panels, Samsung recently launched its first OLED panel, the S90C, making the market dispute even more fierce, with a clear focus on going head-to-head with LG, the protagonist in the middle.

Being one of the brand’s significant launches in the national market, check out our review to understand if the Samsung OLED TV is good. 

Design And Connectivity

We have already started by highlighting one of its main highlights: the design. Since TVs with an OLED panel allow the body of the device to be skinny, the S90C takes advantage of this. And it’s not just its thin shape; its edges are too, giving the impression of an infinite screen when viewed from the front. The thin appearance is maintained even in almost its entire rear, only differentiating in the lower part near the support feet, where the device’s hardware is located. 

Speaking of its support feet, they are positioned more in the middle of the television, have height adjustments, and can be combined with a plate to form a base that allows for more excellent stability on the television. Despite its fragile appearance and its relatively high weight for its size (16 kg in the 55-inch model), it is easy to handle, and its assembly is also straightforward. 

Connectivity is also a strength of the S90C, allowing the primary forms of connection today and having several options. The model has four HDMI 2.1 ports; they all support 4K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, with one of these ports supporting eARC, allowing for higher-quality audio. Standard connectivity is also available, such as optical digital output, ethernet, antenna input, and two Type-A USB ports. The S90C has Bluetooth 5.2 and WIFI 5 Dual Band for wireless connections. 

Screen And Audio

The Samsung S90C is available in 55-inch and 65-inch models, with projections for a future release of a third 77-inch version. All have the same characteristics, technologies, and functionalities. And moving on to what matters, which is the image quality, the Samsung OLED TV is good. The notorious characteristics of OLED panels are present in this model, such as a high level of contrast, vivid and intense colors, and, of course, well-defined black colors with depth, all maximized by the 4K resolution.

One of the differentials of this model is the Quantum Dots’ usability in the brand’s QLED models to improve brightness, which is traditionally a weakness of OLED panels. While a traditional panel has white light emitted by white OLEDs, which is filtered to become other colors, losing part of its brightness in the process, the S90C has a blue light emitter, which, when filtered by Quantum Dots, achieves a better balance between keeping the colors in high quality but without losing the brightness intensity. This process also allows for more excellent energy optimization, reducing TV use. 

Moving on to audio, the Samsung OLED TV has a power 40W and support for Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 and Dolby Atmos. Both volume and sound quality are good despite having less prominence. It is within good quality standards for ordinary users, but for more demanding people, the sound bar is necessary.

Operating System And Features

Like the other Samsung TVs, the S90C has Tijen as the operating system, with fluid and direct navigation and some customization options, but generally has the same look as other models. Through it, it is possible to install numerous applications, as well as have access to the leading streaming platforms of today. The Gaming Hub is present, able to play streaming games through Xbox Cloud Gaming or NVIDIA GeForce Now, and has two options for digital assistants, in this case, Alexa or Bixby. 

As for image enhancement features, the S90C supports HLG, HDR10, and HDR10+, which are present in most brand models. However, there is a repetition in both the good and bad things since the Samsung OLED TV also does not have Dolby Vision, which is common in models from other brands.

Is Samsung OLED TV Any Good?

With all that being said, the answer is yes, the Samsung OLED TV is good. The South Korean manufacturer debuted on the right foot in the national OLED TV market because it is a high-quality device and already appears at a competitive price. The S90C delivers the main qualities expected from an OLED TV along with the main characteristics of the brand’s televisions, which is an exciting differential from its competitors. 

Compared to the LG OLED Evo C2, its features are generally very similar, with the S90C achieving better brightness and having functions aimed at gaming consumption, mainly due to the 144Hz refresh rate. On the other hand, the presence of Dolby Vision makes the LG model achieve better image results and is easily found at a lower price because it is a model that has been on the market for a longer time. Therefore, slight differences may not please consumers with specific TV needs.

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