Is The Dell Vostro Laptop Good? Meet The Line

Is The Dell Vostro Laptop Good? Meet The Line

Dell Vostro: Choosing a notebook is difficult due to the number of models on the market from different manufacturers and price ranges. The task can become even more complicated when it is dedicated to some specific purpose, such as work or games.

Dell is one of the strongest manufacturers in this segment and has lines to cater to different audiences. One of these is Vostro, with notebooks intended for corporate use. But is the Dell Vostro notebook any good? Check out more details about the models in the line.

The Dell Vostro Line

Dell has an extensive catalog of notebooks. It is computer articles to meet the different needs of your audience. The Dell Vostro line is designed to enhance and boost productivity in the corporate environment and small businesses.

Among the main features of Dell Vostro models are state-of-the-art processors, anti-glare screens, multiple connectivity ports, a webcam with HD or Full HD resolution for better quality remote meetings, and keyboards resistant to spilling water. In addition, it also has integrated protection features for data storage such as passwords and encryption keys, fingerprint reader, and Windows 11 with native antivirus.

Dell has 5 models of the Vostro line sold in Brazil, with technical specifications and price ranges to suit different profiles. Dell Vostro devices are the Vostro 3510, Vostro 5320, Vostro 7620, Vostro 3520, and Vostro 3525 AMD. Let’s examine some main features to know if the Dell Vostro Notebook is good.


Regarding the design, Dell Vostro devices are similar in construction. All of them are minimalist in finish and color, with only the Dell logo highlighted right in the middle of the aluminum lid. The available colors vary between titan gray and lead gray, and the most advanced of them, the Vostro 7620, is available in black. The finish is smooth or textured, with light reflections that give the impression of brushed metal. All notebooks are beautiful, and the finish gives a premium and elegant look, even the most affordable ones.

Dell Vostro notebooks have a slim thickness when closed, rounded edges that make it easy to take elsewhere, and a lift hinge for more ergonomic angles. These are important characteristics for a notebook focused on work, especially for those who need to move around frequently.

The keyboard varies according to the chosen model. The most advanced ones have a built-in numerical keyboard and backlit keys, all in the default Portuguese language with an integrated fingerprint reader. The Dell Vostro line is military-certified MIL-810H, except the cheaper Vostro 3510, to protect your notebook against splashes and accidents with water. But it is always important to remember that these certifications are for you not to lose your notebook in case of an accident, such as a glass spilling on the keyboard, but it is never recommended to expose your device on purpose.


The screen is one of the differentials of this line; after all, anyone who spends many hours in front of the computer needs a quality screen. The edges are very narrow on all sides to provide greater visual comfort and a feeling of immersion in the contents. The panel resolution varies between Full HD and Full HD + in the most advanced ones. The Vostro 7620 even features a panel differential with a 16:10 aspect ratio to offer even more screen real estate.


Regarding performance, all models in the line have strong features to increase productivity since it focuses on the corporate environment. What changes between them is the power of the processor, video card, and others. All models come with Windows 11 Pro or Home, chosen at the time of purchase.

An interesting point about buying your Dell notebook is that it is possible to choose several different configurations in some components. However, depending on the choice, the final price will also change. The Dell Vostro line comes with internal SSD storage, and you can choose between 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB, which vary in the availability of each model. The same happens with the available RAM of 4GB, 8GB up to 16 GB.

Regarding performance, some models have more than one processor option. However, all of them are of advanced generations that will allow fluid and powerful usability. For example, the Vostro 7620 is the most complete of the line, and it comes equipped with the 12th generation Intel Core i7. Followed by the intermediate Vostro 5320 and Vostro 3520, you can opt for Intel 12th generation i5 or i7 processors. As for the more affordable ones, the Vostro 3525 comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor, and the Vostro 3510 has options for Intel 11th generation i3, i5, or i7 processors.

For graphics performance, the same thing happens. The user has a video card, even the cheapest one, but what changes is the power chosen according to his needs. For example, the more expensive Vostro 7620 comes with the NVIDIA® GeForce GTX™ 3050 Ti graphics card, while the cheaper Vostro 3510 comes with Intel® Iris® Xe or Intel UHD. But regardless of the choice, you need to know that the images will have a lot of quality.

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