Know What Agile Communication Is And Discover Its Importance

Know What Agile Communication Is And Discover Its Importance

Do you know that the story of lost time doesn’t come back? It makes perfect sense and justifies the adoption of more efficient business management. Therefore, talking about agile communication is so important in the current context.

Consumer 4.0 is very different in terms of demands and preferences. With a busy routine, he does not tolerate slow processes — especially when he decides to contact a company.

Okay, but what are we talking about? This post will help you understand how faster and better communication can generate positive results for your business and much more!

What Is Agile Communication?

Agile communication is one of the aspects of the agile methodology and consists of promoting quick and efficient customer or internal user services. The idea behind the concept is very simple and straightforward: optimize communication to deliver results in less time.

She preaches that agility — so important for different business activities — must be present in customer service and business communication. Thus, the faster the return, the better the relationship with the customer.

What Is The Importance Of Agile Communication Today?

After all, why is talking about agile communication so important these days? To understand this, we need to know some traits of the modern consumer’s profile: immediate, selective, critical, and demanding.

No one likes to be kept waiting, and the delay in service — whether by email, phone, social media, or chat — leaves the customer stressed and even jeopardizes the sale. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that responding quickly is a matter of survival.

Agility in communication is directly linked to the Customer Experience (CX), a factor already considered even more important than price and quality. Were you scared? According to a study by Officine Sophia, 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for better customer service.

Refraining from underestimating this data can affect your business, harming your revenue and image in the market. So, to avoid losing customers and ensure healthy and orderly growth, it is necessary to invest in agile service.

How Can I Make My Company More Agile?

You already know how important it is to make your company’s communication more agile; the question is: what to do to achieve this goal? The truth is that this is an attainable goal. On the contrary, it can be achieved with simple practices in everyday life.

First, you need to align your efforts with customer expectations. Are you delivering what your audience wants and needs?

As we have already highlighted, the new consumer values ​​simple things, such as real-time communication and transparency in the relationship. Understanding these demands is the first step to making your company more agile in the right way.

In addition, you need to look more at your employees. Leaving Employee Experience (EX) aside is a mistake, as employees need to be motivated to provide good service.

How To Define Agile Communication In An Omnichannel Company?

With the popularization of the internet and the advancement of technology, consumers have changed their way of buying and interacting with companies. As a result, it is necessary to invest in several service channels and ensure that they all work efficiently.

In other words, agile communication must be part of the DNA of an omnichannel company. See some actions and strategies that help you with this mission!

Keep The Focus On The Customer

Don’t take your eye off the customer! Every strategy implemented in your routine must aim to satisfy your company’s target audience. After all, the idea of ​​agile communication is to reduce barriers and bring you closer to the consumer.

Define The Workflows

With so many channels to manage, investing in smart strategies is critical. In this case, the definition of workflows and clear guidelines for your employees avoid service delays and expand the connection with the customer.

Invest In Data Integration

One problem that prevents communication in an omnichannel company from being agile is the need for more data sharing. Ideally, customer information should be available regardless of the chosen communication channel.

So, he initiates the service through the chat but concludes with a phone call. In that case, the already initiated processes must be registered so as not to delay and jeopardize the result.

Train Your Team

Employees are the direct link between your company and customers. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that they are prepared to provide quality and agile service.

Team training should encompass several situations, from clearer and more explicit language to negotiation techniques and the correct use of available resources. In short, everything that can positively impact the outcome of the process.

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