Legal Marketing: 5 Reasons To Invest

Legal Marketing: 5 Reasons To Invest

Understand how legal marketing strategies can help your law firm achieve surprising results, attracting and retaining more and more clients.

Approved by the OAB Code of Ethics, legal marketing is nothing more than a technique used to strengthen the image of law professionals, assisting in strategies to win new clients and standing out amid the competition.

For this, informative content is an integral part of this planning to demonstrate authority over the services provided. It is also worth noting that legal marketing can be divided into: Offline Marketing: a set of actions developed outside the internet, such as the delivery of business cards, participation in events and lectures, networking, interviews with printed media vehicles, and even the well-known “word of mouth” (or, in other words, recommendation marketing).

Digital Marketing: as the name implies, these are strategies focused on the online environment, that is, the internet. Here, several platforms can be explored to ensure a greater reach of people, such as social networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn ), Google Ads, Youtube, Email Marketing, Website, Blog, and WhatsApp Business, among others.

5 Reasons To Invest In Legal Marketing

Demonstrate Confidence In Your Area Of ​​Expertise:

As in other segments, those looking for a law job seek, above all, competence and professionalism to solve their problems. And that’s precisely the image you need to convey to your customers: experience in what you propose to do. The best way to achieve this goal? Use marketing to your advantage, reinforcing that you know what you’re talking about.

Retain Current Customers:

Much more than providing a service to your customer, it is possible to think of strategies for them to be, in fact, loyal. This means that whenever I need it, it’s you he will turn to. In this way, remember that your effort should also be aimed at making a presence in the lives of your current customers.

Gain Authority:

It is very likely that you know or have read several books and articles by renowned professionals in law. Creating content like this is a positive point for building these people’s authority. But with legal marketing, this goes far beyond having work published, as you can use your channels to keep in touch with potential clients.

Increase Visibility:

If you have just opened a law firm and are waiting for clients, you can be sure that, at that first moment, legal marketing will make all the difference to give your business the boost it needs. After all, it is from this work that people will start to know your brand. And attention: this also goes for projects that have been on the market for years, since the more you are seen, the more you will be remembered.

Achieving Goals And Objectives:

Making your business grow and reach more people can become an “easier” goal when strategic planning is behind it. And this is one more point of why you should invest in legal marketing; once aligned with your company’s goals, it is possible to put it into practice more efficiently.

Essential Tips To Start Your Legal Marketing

Define Your Target Audience

This is the first step of well-structured communication. With your audience profile defined, you can understand what they expect from you and their anxieties and needs. The more information you gather, the easier it will be to find ways to achieve it.

Set Goals

It would help if you kept this in mind: every communication strategy must be aligned with an objective. Therefore, avoid making content “to do.” By insisting on this error, you will not be able to see the actual results of your business and will not know how to analyze the necessary adjustments.

Invest In Quality Content

Whether through videos, banners, thematic posts, interactions, and so many other forms of communication, your content needs to be informative to your customers, avoiding the famous “advertisements” as much as possible.

Another essential aspect that you should also pay attention to is the “legalese.” Legal language can turn into something “scary” in just a few sentences for those who are not used to it. For this reason, try to communicate clearly and efficiently.

Choose The Relationship Channel

Remember that we mentioned the means of communication for the offline and digital media of legal marketing at the beginning of this article? Contrary to what many think, it is unnecessary to be in all media, but where your target audience is. Also, trying to embrace the world can end up costing you dearly, as it will be harder to manage everything at once (which can also give a negative impression to the audience). Therefore, bet on the proper channels so that your message arrives without significant complications.

Establish A Budget

The phrase may seem cliché, but it is still true: legal marketing is not a cost but an investment. Through it, you will be able to position your brand correctly in the market and attract the right customers. But, before starting this journey, set aside a specific budget for this purpose. In this way, the team responsible for the work analyzes the best way forward, all by its objectives.

Analyze The Results

Marketing is also a form of experiment. With each action performed, check whether or not the results came out as expected. This is a fundamental step to identifying the improvements to be adopted, especially in the digital environment, since there are numerous tools available for this data analysis.

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