Meet Bot Automation And Stop Wasting Resources

Meet Bot Automation And Stop Wasting Resources

Bot automation is not science fiction or in the distant future. Do you know the virtual assistant of the bank and the e-commerce platform or the spam you received by email? All of them must have this technology involved.

For the script of this story to be favorable for your business, how about you also have this innovation? Is it possible? Keep reading this article and find out how! Spoiler alert: it’s easier than you think!

How Do Companies Use Bots?

Bots are a technology that can be used in various business models. In reality, we are still far from understanding its full potential. However, some applications have already been in the field for some time, being implemented in the business environment to:

  • decision-making: based on process modeling, it is feasible to automate choices whose analyzes are replicable;
  • searches and data capture: collecting information from users or online content to gain insights ;
  • optimization of workflows: organization of activities, integrating one task with another so that the completion of the previous one triggers the subsequent one;
  • computer vision and natural language processing: data entry through images or words, speeding up machine learning;
  • service and sales: both commercial strategy and customer support have automated actions and interactions via chatbots performed without an operator;
  • marketing automation: posts, messages, and comments for generating and nurturing leads in the various digital communication channels do not need to be done manually;
  • logistics and production: physical bots perform mechanical and industrial activities on assembly lines or transport warehouse loads.

What Is Bot Automation?

It’s using these software robots to standardize and program the automatic execution of actions. For this, the processes must be replicable and repeatable. This technology associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning mimics people’s behavior and self-improves.

How Does It Work?

These computer programs work within other applications — social networks, websites, CRMs, ERPs, among other software —integrating systems and performing tasks based on predetermined or learned programs.

What Are The Differentials Of Bot Automation?

There are many reasons to invest in bot automation since their differentials add fundamental competitive advantages in the current market. Understand better!

Error Reduction

With bots, it is possible to insert the same data into several systems simultaneously, create a report without typing each piece of information, export from one base to another, and perform several other actions automatically.

When done manually, these processes are subject to errors, whose impacts range from budget holes or delivery delays to fines or cancellations. That is, they generate bad results for the business.

Process Optimization

The standardization and planning needed to implement bots already optimize processes, making them more effective. Furthermore, its self-improvement technologies ensure continuous improvement.

Increased Yield And Productivity

By eliminating rework caused by failures, repetitive tasks, and efficient processes, the team’s performance and productivity will skyrocket. More than that, critical activities will have employees’ full attention, anticipating crises or preventing them from worsening, anticipating opportunities, and offering the best solutions.

Cost Reduction

Time and resources are most efficiently utilized by bot automation. Its algorithms start to perform less relevant operational tasks more quickly, impacting costs, which decrease considerably.

Elevation Of Customer Satisfaction And Quality Of Experience

Using bot automation in communication positively affects the consumer’s perception of the company. Customers can shop, negotiate, and resolve issues across multiple service and marketing channels anytime with no effort or wait.

All these benefits do not increase the expenses for the enterprise and allow them to offer a satisfactory experience, developing a long-term relationship with the public.

Expansion Of Analytical Capacity

Data is worth gold for management nowadays. Decisions based on information tend to accurately anticipate scenarios and probabilities, allowing for hits on the fly.

For that, a person’s analytical capacity is not enough. Large volumes of data are needed to find meaningful patterns and clues that provide such excellence. Only technology supports such robust analysis.

Does Bot Automation Replace Human Labor?

One of the big fears about bot automation, AI, and self-learning machines is that they will replace humans at work. It seems advantageous for the employer to assemble a technical team with no salary or time off and avoid making mistakes. But hardware and software, as advanced as they are, don’t do what a person does.

Although they can perform routine tasks, these actions must be repetitive and programmable. Thus, replacing the creativity and awareness of a human collaborator with innovations in the labor market still needs to be feasible.

How To Invest In Bot Automation?

Have you understood that bot automation is advantageous, and now you want to know how to implement it? As we mentioned at the beginning of this content, it is easier than you think. Check out!

Set Priorities

Faced with the multiple areas where bots can be implemented, it is natural to be excited to achieve all the advantages this offers. Calm down; automating everything at a time could be better. When prioritizing a sector or flow, it focuses on it, carrying out a quality implementation before moving on to the next one.

Map The Journeys

A company comprises journeys: customer, employee, negotiation, purchase, service… So, to know how technology fits into processes and people’s needs — employees, consumers, etc. —their mapping is the key. Adaptation and execution will occur best, positively affecting both experiences and results.

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