Remarketing In 2022: Is It Worth Investing?

Remarketing In 2022: Is It Worth Investing?

Do you know what remarketing means? You may not even know about this strategy, but you have certainly been impacted by it; maybe one day, browsing the internet, you searched for a product like an industrial mixer, and later, you ended up coming across the same product or some research suggestions for all sites you joined. 

For a moment, you might even think that you were being persecuted and watched, but in fact, this is a remarketing strategy; it is a campaign aimed at users who have had some contact with your brand, whether by clicking on a link, accessing your website, placing a product in the cart and so on. 

But as much as it is an effective strategy that can bring good results, is it still worth it in 2022? That’s what we’re going to check out in today’s text, ready? So let’s go!

What Is Remarketing, And Where Can It Be Done?

Remarketing is a campaign created to show your company’s products and services to people who have already had some contact with your business, reinforcing your brand and making those users remember your products. 

The main focus of remarketing is to create a specific authority, serving almost as a reminder; after all, it is widespread for people to search for something and end up getting distracted or going to other subjects and completely forgetting what they were looking for. 

This is the ideal strategy to stay on top and show your products to people who might be interested in your cardboard box, for example. It can be done on platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads. 

What Are Your Benefits?

Remarketing is a strategy that brings several benefits to those who adopt it in their daily lives; you can, for example, considerably improve your conversion rate; after all, here you are dealing with a user who has already had some contact with your product and are likely interested in it, and is more likely to complete the purchase.

You can also set up much more customizable campaigns. In Google Ads, for example, it is possible to shape so that everything happens your way, separating visitors according to the degree of interaction such as clicking on the link, visit on the page, or abandoning the shopping cart, making you plan strategies very more assertive. 

Finally, you still gain a relatively high number of customers as the conversion rate increases considerably, while you can practically optimize your costs, spending much less to get more people. 

Can LGPD Influence Remarketing?

Above we saw that remarketing could be an extremely efficient and positive strategy with several advantages. Still, even if it can be considered one of the most essential within marketing, the most considerable doubt is about LGPD (General Law for the Protection of Data); after all, can it negatively influence remarketing?

In a way, yes. The LGPD is guaranteeing that Cookies will be instincts probably later this year, and they are precisely the ones that help to track and identify each person who passes through your website and performs an action; with this, remarketing can be harmed and can be a mission a little more complicated to track a user in a home automation company or other segments.  

But After All, Is It Worth Remarketing Or Not?

We can say that yes, it is still worth remarketing; it remains a strong strategy, with high conversion rates and numbers that make any manager of a business smile, being an efficient and functional strategy. 

The main problem is the extinction of cookies, which should occur soon; it is not yet known the impacts that this theme will cause on remarketing, but it is always good to keep an eye out and prepare.

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