Seven Tips To Increase Sales With Marketing

Seven Tips To Increase Sales With Marketing

Want to know where to start investing in Marketing for your business? Here we bring seven tips to increase sales with marketing! Check it out below:

1 – SEO

Google is not only the most used search engine in country and the world, with around 90% of searches performed, but it is also the most accessed site in country and the world, which is why being among the first results of Google is essential. The only way to do this is through good SEO, which consists of optimizing the site to appear better positioned on search engines. For this, the site needs to be built by the best practices guided by Google and its content constantly be worked on to be genuinely relevant to the user.

2 – Google AdWords

In the last year, more than five billion in advertising budgets were applied to search marketing, and as we saw above, almost all of that was through Google. Through AdWords, your company is on the first page in the form of ads or sponsored links, with the practicality of managing the On Time budget and also the countless ways of measuring results, helping to optimize campaigns and increasing the ROI of any investment, with the measurement of access numbers, the behavior of these users, sales conversion and several other possible metrics.

3 – Facebook

With more than 1.5 billion active users worldwide and 45% of the country population subscribed to the site, Facebook is a tool that must be considered. In addition to the possibility of creating ads similar to Google AdWords, the network also offers the advantage of offering highly targeted ads, directed according to essential information such as gender, age and location, to more specific information, such as tastes and interests of the target audience. , in addition to offering several functionalities for measuring and measuring your results.

4 – Mobile

According to a survey by We Are Social, country already has around 47% of the population surfing the internet via mobile devices, which grows by over 10% yearly. The Mobile public is also engaged: it spends an average of 3 hours and 47 minutes connected daily, opening up excellent opportunities for those who want to speak with this public locally and in real-time and forcing companies that are not yet present in the Mobile environment to run, as the data has already shown that the trend is for this to become the primary means of internet access, as it already is in much of the world.

5 – Email Marketing

One of the oldest digital marketing strategies, 90% of companies still invest in email marketing. Due to its high level of measurement, its low cost and the advantage of having its content 100% prepared by the company, email marketing has remained alive thanks to its opening rate, which according to the practices adopted by the company, can reach from 20 to 30%, and to new technologies, which allow monitoring and continuity in actions through sequenced and intelligent shots.

6 – Inbound Marketing

As an evolution of Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing is here to stay. With an increasingly demanding consumer fleeing advertisements and looking for relevant content according to their interests, companies that work with Inbound have almost 38% more ROI than companies that do not produce content, in addition to making the Lead generated almost half the price of the Lead generated by traditional marketing. A strategy based on understanding and meeting the fundamental interests of the target audience but that communicates, builds loyalty and, above all, converts much more efficiently.

7 – Marketing Automation

For customers who already invest in Digital Marketing, the best way to combine and optimize actions on a single platform is with marketing automation, which brings more efficiency to the sales funnel, as it guarantees the continuity of processes in an optimized way. Automation also eliminates the problem of leads not converting into sales due to the need for more nurturing of these leads. Marketing automation is conducted through the funnel to purchase.

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