The Influence Of The Press Office On The SEO Strategy

The Influence Of The Press Office On The SEO Strategy

SEO: The press office is responsible for a fundamental part of the communication strategy. Thanks to their work, a company can achieve spontaneous disclosure in the media, strengthening its relationship with the public in an organic way.

Still, not everyone knows that this activity can be leveraged to generate SEO benefits. The secret lies in the way your digital PR works. Want to understand how this happens and the benefits for your company? So, keep reading!

Traditional Advice And Digital PR: The Evolution Of The Service

A good Public Relations job adds value to digital marketing, helping to qualify the content produced to reach the public more efficiently. Still, it is natural for doubts to arise. After all, how did the press office evolve to work in this area?

To answer this question, the first step is to clarify the concepts. On the one hand, we have the press office, whose role is to maintain a good relationship with the relevant media, promoting spontaneous disclosure to the company and managing eventual crises.

On the other hand, there is the practice of digital PR. It is a combination of skills from PR and press relations to strengthen the SEO strategy — in other words, create high-quality content focusing on journalists and other communication channels relevant to the company.

This added value is achieved through linking. This means that your content is used by the newspapers, magazines in the area and big influencers. The reason? Your content cleverly used SEO and offered a media-relevant range.

It is worth noting that the practice emerged as a response to the new demands of a digitized world, where the internet has much more power and reach than traditional media. This way, the press office assimilated SEO optimization and other marketing strategies to act in this new scenario.

Benefits Of Digital PR

When a company has a digital advisory service — one that goes beyond the traditional service — it gains many benefits. Discover the ones that make the most significant impact.

Competitive Edge

In a traditional Guest Post strategy, links are placed within the article by other means. This means that the editorial link inserted in other articles was paid for or agreed upon.

In general, this strategy can be mapped by competitors and copied: they need to use a link analysis application. On the other hand, the digital PR strategy allows the consultancy to create relevant content to the point that the newspapers themselves insert the link in the range. As the linking was done organically, competitors cannot copy the strategy — and your brand gains a prominent position.

Organic Visibility

As the previous example showed, digital PR primarily focuses on getting backlinks to generate organic visibility. The KPIs used are usually related to the quality and efficiency of the link made by other sites.

The impact on SEO is significant, as the visibility gained tends to involve more relevant sources. We are talking about authorities on the subject — or even specialized media — referencing their company in the contents of these communication vehicles.

Access Quality

One of the reasons more companies are approaching the press office with content marketing is to increase the quality of their link-building strategy. This means taking SEO a step further: in addition to attracting more hits, they are people with more interest in what you have to offer.

It is common to identify links that attract practically no access. In this sense, the role of digital PR is to improve the strategy to generate more returns. Readers will now recognize your brand even if they don’t get very far.

The data show the impact of this measure. According to a study by Moz, more than 99% of the sites that occupy the top of Google have at least one external link.

Building Your Authority

Any company can create a basic SEO, link building and guest posts strategy — so much so that they are doing it. However, not all reach spontaneous disclosure, which strengthens (and a lot) the authority figure of your brand in the market. The point is that this is precisely the specialty of the press office.

Quality publications, especially those linked by specialized media, are the best weapons you have at your disposal. It is worth noting that this also brings greater engagement on social networks, as the number of shares tends to be more significant.

Press Office And Content Marketing: How To Bring Them Together

To achieve the good results that digital PR can offer, bringing the press office closer to the marketing team is essential. As we have shown, strategy is a two-way street: SEO optimization practices help advice; in turn, it positively impacts marketing.

Therefore, the first step is to align teams around the same goals. Start by creating a unified communications strategy. Professionals in both areas should better understand each team’s shared (general) and specific goals.

Added to this, editorial planning must be done together. The materials can be reused even if each team has its own content. For example, the advisory can display a clipping with prominent mentions in other media on the company’s website.

Content marketing, in turn, uses these mentions as raw material to make your link — or even to prepare briefings for upcoming content. In practice, we are talking about reaching the target audience through different paths, better positioning the brand and transmitting its values.

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