The Use Of technology In Marketing Strategies

The Use Of technology In Marketing Strategies

Technology in Marketing Strategies: Whether in the technology area or not, you must have heard about the exponential increase in data generation due to the increasing use of technological devices in recent years.

You are probably part of it:

  • Sending emails.
  • Interacting on social networks.
  • Counting on the help of a virtual assistant.
  • Using a chatbot service, in short – the possibilities are diverse.

All of this ended up providing a unique scenario of mass data generation, data that can and should be used strategically to help understand the behavior of the public, trends, and preferences, among other essential information that serve to base and support the conduct of companies’ marketing strategies.

But, it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the use of data, marketing has also been improved in other ways with the advancement of technology in recent years. Want to know more about the use of technology in marketing strategies? Continue this reading!

Technology And Marketing: A Successful Relationship!

Due to the solutions proposed by technology, the way of conducting business has changed a lot in the last few years. This is about everything: management, sales, recruitment and selection, customer service, marketing, and more.

To exemplify these evolutions, we will focus here on the use of technology in marketing strategies on two main fronts: digital marketing and data use.

Marketing Digital

We can define digital marketing as a set of strategies defined and applied exclusively in digital channels to promote the business in a virtual/ online environment.

Using various methods in different digital channels, it is possible to achieve large-scale dissemination, in a short space of time, in addition to having resources that make it possible to obtain the results of these dissemination strategies and interaction with the user in real time.

Tools Used In Digital Marketing

There is an extensive amount of possibilities for solutions for the use of technology in digital marketing strategies. But, some are more used today in the market, such as:

  • Content Marketing;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO;
  • Email Marketing;
  • Activities in Social Networks;
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO;
  • Search Engine Marketing – SEM.

Use Of Data In Marketing Strategies

Speaking of data, we can mention the use of some technologies in marketing strategies. These solutions have been fundamental to capturing, organizing, treating, combining, in short – carrying out various actions with the flood of data generated every minute to transform all this into information relevant to the companies’ business strategies.

When this data is captured in isolation, each company system treats it in isolation; it is rarely possible to use it in a meaningful way for the business. But by gathering the data from all channels, analyzing them, and applying them as a basis for defining strategies, the company, and especially the marketing area, can use this information assertively.

The concept of using technological tools to work with a vast amount of data is called Big Data. Some of these tools, which are most used in the market by companies of different sizes and segments, are:


BI, or Business Intelligence, combines a set of methods, technologies, and processes used to capture a large amount of data, treating them to transform them into relevant information for the business.


Behind BI is an intelligence called Analytics, a comprehensive and multidimensional artificial intelligence that uses mathematical techniques, statistics, predictive modeling, and other resources such as machine learning.

With these resources, Analytics finds patterns and, thus, can extract significant knowledge, generating relevant information to understand the behavior of users and supporting strategic initiatives for the business.


Every “marketer” knows that approaching a potential customer in the right way is essential for growth. Every self-respecting “marketer” also knows that Customer Relationship Management, aka CRM, can significantly help with that.

After all, CRM, as its name suggests, deals with customer relationship management through various practices to capture and retain strategic customers.

CRM then allows companies to store customer information that helps them understand their behavior and intentions. This helps to offer customized products and services at the right time. To better understand CRM as technology in marketing strategies, here are some types of customer data that CRM works with:

  • Customer actions in the company’s digital channel;
  • Personal data;
  • Contacts between client and company;
  • The customer visits the company’s website;
  • Purchases made;
  • Searched for products.

What Is Your Opinion On The Use Of Technology In Marketing Strategies?

The use of technology in marketing strategies is not just a trend but a new way of promoting the company and interacting with the market, and that needs to be adopted by businesses that do not want to become obsolete.

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