Three Marketing Strategies To Recover Abandoned Carts

Three Marketing Strategies To Recover Abandoned Carts

Marketing Strategies: Recovering abandoned carts is a primary concern for anyone with an online store. After all, all sales efforts are wasted when the consumer gives up on making a purchase. However, some digital marketing tactics can help your business turn the tables and make the customer complete a forgotten purchase.  

1- Create Email Marketing Campaigns To Recover Abandoned Carts 

Email marketing is an essential resource for online stores as it is a scalable acquisition channel. The most exciting thing is that, according to the study, this tactic can contribute to the recovery of approximately 20% of purchase abandonments – an excellent argument for you to put this idea into action, huh? 

Even an automated resource, emails can be highly customizable. And this goes far beyond just changing the “name” variable for sending messages.  

With email marketing to recover abandoned carts, it is possible to remind the customer about the products he was interested in (put in the cart) but which needed to be remembered in the virtual store.  

To increase the chances of conversion, it is still possible to use the  CTA (call to action), a direct redirection to the checkout page (payment). That way, you shorten the buying process and tend to sell more.

How To Put This Tactic Into Practice  

The first step is to find a marketing automation tool that allows you to create emails with a friendly layout and that also allows for easy integration with your online store. After that, you need to pay attention to the subject of the email and its content.  

A good practice is to add positive reviews (social proof) from other consumers. This is because if the customer did not take the product due to insecurity about the store or the quality of the product, this is the time to reinforce trust in your brand.  

It is also necessary to take care of the images of the products and create a sense of urgency through mental triggers so that the customer closes the purchase.  

This can be done, for example, with a countdown of the time the cart will be available, how many items of those chosen are left in stock, or, in the case of a special discount, for how long it will be valid.  

Try to understand why your customers may have given up on the acquisition and, in your email copywriting, work on the speech based on the possibilities raised.

The tip of posting reviews from other customers is an excellent example of this. If, even with all these efforts, the purchase is not made, you can create a relationship rule by email. Please use this potential customer’s contact to send personalized messages, such as promotions and other items that could interest him.  

A final attraction to stimulate sales can be the offer of a discount coupon or even the decoy of free shipping. See if offering these conditions makes sense for your business and the financial reality of your store.

2- Ads In Remarketing Format  

Remarketing is a way to re-impact users who have visited your virtual store with ads on social networks or the Google display network. This digital marketing tactic is essential in an e-commerce context. After all,  only 3% of users complete a purchase on their first visit to the site, according to data from a  Google Ads survey.  

With this type of ad, you can establish direct communication with people who have already shown interest in your solutions and are more likely to purchase.  

How To Do Remarketing To Recover Abandoned Cart 

To run remarketing campaigns on social networks and Google, you need to install a Pixel, a programming code that allows you to track user actions on a page or domain.  

Learn how to install a pixel on Facebook:  What is a Facebook pixel, and how can you use it to improve the conversion of your ads? With this, you will be able to identify the behavior and interests of potential e-commerce customers,  disclosing targeted offers in the ad for each of them.  

In addition to being personalized, offering exactly what the user sought or left in the cart, ads in this format must be attractive and creative and stir the user’s emotions.

3- Popups For A Last Attempt At Attention 

Popups are messages that appear automatically in floating windows on the website to communicate quickly and assertively with users. In the context of cart abandonment,  exit popups are an effective tactic to grab the user’s attention before they even close the page. Offering a discount, a freebie, or creating a sense of urgency in the message are effective ways to reverse user churn.  

How To Make Use Of Popups In Online Stores 

Through your e-commerce platform, you will be able to use the resource, which may require installing a plug-in or having it native. Remember to be creative, direct, simple, and, above all, enjoy the message.  

It’s also essential that your popups have a visible exit button. This avoids discomfort in the user experience. Another point that must be considered is the adaptability of the resource for mobile devices.

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