Use RSS Feed To Improve Your Company’s Digital Marketing?

Use RSS Feed To Improve Your Company's Digital Marketing?

RSS Feed: Can you automate the publication of new content on your website? Have an email tool that updates information? These were the needs of an American company that culminated in the development of the Feed RSS system.

The main objective of this tool is to gather data and information from a blog or website for business in a virtual environment. This organization allows users to be constantly updated, essential for following digital marketing strategies and indicators.

What Is The RSS Feed?

Before knowing what RSS Feed is, it is essential to understand the acronym RSS. This is the abbreviation of Really Simple Syndication or a more straightforward distribution.

Thus, an RSS Feed can be translated as an XML file that compiles all data related to the content of a website or blog. Be them:

  • Post authors;
  • Audiovisual content, such as images and videos;
  • Connecting links between posts and pages. 

Compiling this data is essential so that updates are automatic, given in a few clicks, and possible to keep the reader with the most relevant and timely information.

How Does The RSS Feed Work?

The operation of the RSS Feed may seem difficult. However, when you go deeper into the subject, you will notice that its use is simpler than you think. To create an RSS file, it is necessary to include some basic information, such as:

  • Title;
  • Address of the page to be used;
  • Description of changes;
  • Date of publication or update;
  • Source or author of the article. 

This information makes it possible for the RSS system to frequently update the information, indicating if there have been changes and news.

Practical Case 

The most common use case for RSS Feed is through news sites. This tool allows a file in XML format to compile the last published posts, allowing that whenever there is an update, the site already incorporates it to share with its readers.

This could apply, for example, to:

  • Sites that do not publish their publications;
  • Broadcast email lists on a particular subject, such as economics;
  • Pages that show real-time indicators, such as tracking COVID cases in the pandemic. 

These resources can bring several benefits to companies, especially in keeping their users updated promptly. But is that the only advantage of the RSS Feed tool? Check the details below.

What Are The Advantages Of Using It?

RSS Feed is one of the essential tools for an integrated and timely communication strategy. But the advantages of using them go beyond even these two central bases.

The results generated by the RSS Feed can be seen in companies that work with social networks, blogs, and websites. Do you fit into any of these strategies? So, discover the benefits of using RSS Feed.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When we talk about digital marketing, one of the first pillars that come to mind is SEO. And for that reason, the integration between the RSS Feed and this tool can be seen as one of the main reasons many companies use it.

Google uses the RSS Feed to map keywords, updates, and publications of new content on all pages. With this, real-time posts can improve rankings.

Automatic Updates

As you already know, we cannot mention the benefit for which the RSS system was created: the automation of updates. This advantage means that new posts are mapped by search engines, followers, and frequent users of your page. This way, the news monitoring is real-time, in which the person or company is informed about them every time there are updates.

Variety Of Interfaces

Despite being a widely used tool for websites and blogs, the RSS is a versatile resource that can be applied to social networks and automation strategies.

Among the best-known examples are:

  • Newsletters;
  • Email marketing tool;
  • News publications. 


RSS Feed readers are highly configurable. With this, its users can customize the tool by creating a feed according to the specific needs of each company.

Understanding the possibilities of changing the source code to create a functional and optimized RSS is also essential. Another point to be highlighted is the possibility of using already configured versions as templates for different strategies.

Improved Content Delivery

Nowadays, when planning social networks or any website, one of the main issues is how to deliver content. And that’s a pain that can be solved with the RSS Feed. Through it, content is delivered without high dependence on an algorithm, allowing you to increase the reach and engagement of the profile or website.

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