Visual Identity: How To Create One For Your Brand

Visual Identity: How To Create One For Your Brand

If you want your company to stand out in the market, know that creating an excellent visual identity is the key to success. After all, there are several companies, but brands that competitors and consumers positively recognize are few.

The visual identity must be impactful, ensuring that your company is recognized even if the name is not stamped on a package or advertisement, for example. However, how to differentiate yourself and be branded creatively and attractively?

What Is And What Elements Make Up A Visual Identity?

Do you know that saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, visual identity is a combination of graphic elements that reflect in an image the values, purpose, and mission of a brand, company, service, or product.

In short, it is a set of visual characteristics that help to identify what it is, what it offers, and what the purpose of your business is. In this sense, it is essential to understand how each of the elements that make up your company’s identity works.


A person’s name is also a fundamental part of their identity. And when we talk about the visual identity of a business, it couldn’t be different. Here, for the name to be recognized and striking, the ideal is that it is easy to understand and pronounce.


The logo is one of the most striking elements of a company’s identity, brand, product, or service. In many cases, only the graphic element, without any words, is already capable of generating identification (this is the case of McDonald’s yellow M, for example).


The color or colors representing a brand are fundamental elements of the business’s identity. There is even a branch of psychology called color psychology, which studies its impact on human behavior.


Typography is the fonts, that is, the typefaces used in your business’s logo, packaging, and other visual communications. Did you know that only using the right font is it possible to convey a fun, modern, or classic image?

Symbols, Icons, And Shapes

As well as the colors, symbols, icons, and shapes that make up its visual identity are capable of generating emotions and sensations in public. In addition, they are elements that make your brand, company, and product or service recognized.

What Is The Difference Between Branding, Branding, And Visual Identity?

The meanings of branding, branding, and visual identity can generate some doubts. Although they are interconnected, it is necessary to emphasize that they are different concepts.


The brand is the company logo. But, more than that, it is possible to say that a brand is everything that represents the company: name, mission, vision and values, organizational culture, and visual identity.


Branding is a strategy that aims to strengthen a brand in the market and be recognized by the public. In this sense, visual identity is essential to generate the desired effects.

Visual Identity

Here, the concept corresponds to the visual representation of a brand, company, service, or product’s mission, values, purpose, and mission. Visual identity is the way a company is recognized through image elements.

If you are still not convinced about the importance of this concept for the success of your business, know that visual identity is essential to attract attention and arouse interest since it is usually your company’s first contact with the consumer.

How To Create An Impactful Visual Identity?

Creating an impactful visual identity is not as difficult as it sounds. However, it demands study, knowledge, and planning. Want to know the main steps of this process? So, follow along.

Define Your Target Audience Profile

First, to know what and how to talk, you must know which audience you want to reach. This includes gender, social class, location, income, profession, personality, desires, problems, and age.

Once the audience has been identified, creating the persona is also recommended. This way, you will have one or more than one representations of your ideal audience, which makes it easier to determine the characteristics of the elements that will make up your visual identity.

Determine Your Brand Personality

Your brand personality comprises the way your company communicates, the values ​​it represents, the service it provides to customers, the references it uses, and the way the market and the public recognize it.

Therefore, your personality can be more relaxed, more serious, but young or older, and all these characteristics will be transmitted through the elements that form your identity.

Hire A Marketing Agency

Creating a visual identity requires marketing, writing, design, psychology, and advertising knowledge. For this reason, hiring a specialized agency can be the solution for creating a striking concept.

That’s because you will be advised by a multidisciplinary team dedicated to getting to know your brand, recognizing your goals, and transmitting your image in a clear, objective, and effective way, promoting the success of your business.

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