What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Agent For Your Company?

What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Agent For Your Company

As it is software, the virtual agent frees your business from possible problems with employees. When programmed correctly, from a study of consumer behavior, branding, and company marketing, customer responses become clear and free from mood swings, in addition to being recorded by audio professionals.

Discover The Advantages Of This Tool For Your Business!

Attendants’ Work Schedule

The virtual agent solves the simplest and most objective issues the customer raises, all quickly, efficiently, and economically. It is possible to have fewer attendants who will be able to work focusing on more complex issues. It also reduces transferring calls to other service levels, reducing waiting time and increasing user satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence

The virtual agent listens to what the customer has to say. It is through speech recognition that the Artificial Intelligence of this tool operates, making the conversation more direct.

The consumer uses some phrases to justify the contact with the company. Through them, the virtual agent searches for programmed responses. With this type of solution, more than half of the calls are expected to be put on hold with the virtual agent — contributing to savings in this type of service.


The constant advancement of technology allows your virtual agent to be more and more intelligent. After all, it stores information about the customer who contacts the company and increases, over time, its performance repertoire, accessing data about the consumer and their previous contacts.

Call Time

With the virtual agent, the customer spends less time on the phone or the company’s website to get what he wants. The machine quickly answers calls whenever they are made. This lessens the risk of the person on the other end of the line starting the conversation irritated or annoyed by the delay.

Thus, the interaction tends to be mild, and problems can be solved more easily. It is an excellent tool for winning over and building customer loyalty — which can even praise the brand to other people and promote positive word of mouth for the company.

How Can Virtual Agents Be Used?

For companies to adopt the use of virtual agents in customer service, regardless of the objectives, it is necessary to invest time and resources in their training to respond to their audience’s main needs. 

The initial setup period takes a few days to complete — depending on the desired confidence level for the project. Furthermore, virtual agents have the advantage of improving their performance over time. 

They rely on Artificial Intelligence to interact with incoming data and learn more about the information passed through its continuous use. Thus, they answer according to the data fed into the system.

On the other hand, care must be taken when programming so that the virtual agent does not pass false or inappropriate information regarding the policy and brand identity to the customer.

It is an investment that requires planning the implementation, dedicating efforts in the configuration phase, aiming to achieve the best results, and freeing agents to perform more complex tasks. Below, check out some examples of the most frequent types of use of virtual agents and see which ones may be suitable for your reality.

Virtual Agent In Customer Service Or Customer Service (SAC)

This is one of the most common uses of virtual agents in companies. Its main function is to automate customer service in what we call “first level service.” It includes contacts with the highest volume of demand in companies, such as solving frequent doubts about the product or service offered.

Thus, the queue is significantly reduced, reducing the customer’s time to solve a problem. For this purpose, it is possible to use human service scripts in call centers as a basis, adapted to the language of the virtual agent.

Virtual Agent In Lead Capture

Depending on your type of business, this may be the most suitable role for the virtual agent to use. You can prepare people who come into contact with your company to learn about products and services, helping to increase their interest in your brand.

From an effective dialogue and the possibility of capturing data on the leads, the virtual agent can forward each contact more accurately to the sales team.

Virtual Agent In E-Commerce

The virtual agent can be used from the first customer service in an online store. It initiates the relationship with the consumer, answers the most frequent questions, and answers questions without human assistance. Depending on the case, he may even close the sale.

Virtual Agent In Marketing And Sales

Carrying out marketing campaigns may also be within the scope of implementing this in your company. With it, it is possible to dialogue with the customer, promoting greater involvement between him and the product or service. The same goes for actions centered on sales, special promotions, etc.

Virtual Agents In Surveys

Have you considered surveying without involving your employees in the interview phase? The virtual agent can help in this mission, generating a friendly dialogue with your audience and optimizing the capture and analysis of data collected in the conversation.

Virtual Agent In Scheduling And Booking

The service is already widely used by accommodation and passenger transport companies. An appointment or reservation can be made more quickly through the virtual agent, integrated with internal systems. It can also be used in offices, clinics, restaurants, etc.

Virtual Agent In CRM And Database Qualification

When properly programmed, virtual agents are excellent interface tools for your company to qualify customer data through dialogues during customer service.

Virtual Agent In Teaching And Learning

Virtual agents can also generate a real revolution in educational institutions, offering support to the content seen in the classroom. With them, the student can answer more frequent questions and expand their knowledge on a given subject.

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