What To Do To Increase Your Digital Presence?

What To Do To Increase Your Digital Presence?

The Internet, which assumes an increasingly important role in people’s daily lives, radically changes marketing. Techniques are constantly being updated, following trends in consumer behavior and demanding more and more digital presence from companies.

Consequently, Digital Marketing occupies a prominent place in companies’ strategies, carrying out a set of Web activities to increase brand recognition, attract customers and increase sales. With that in mind, we made this article with the best tips for increasing your company’s digital presence. Enjoy it!

Success Factors

Currently, more than 90% of purchase processes start with a search on the Internet, which means that competition to occupy the best positions in search engines is increasingly fierce.

The success of Digital Marketing is also due to the advantages compared to Traditional Marketing, such as being cheaper than advertising on TV, radio, and newspapers, being easily measurable, and generating more concrete results.

Interactivity is another great differential of Digital Marketing. It gives the company much more information about its target audience, making them relate to its brand and products and providing data to guide future actions.

Control And Flexibility

To ensure that your digital presence is growing, Digital Marketing offers metrics capable of revealing your audience’s actions and collecting accurate information about consumer behavior in front of your website or blog, which allows you to measure the effectiveness of the company’s actions.

With such agility, your company can make real-time changes and follow-ups. This flexibility, which is only possible online, is essential for your company to avoid investing in advertising media whose effective results cannot be demonstrated. 

The central point is that your company does not speak to everyone but only to the public you target, the one for whom your brand needs to be more present.

A Strong Presence On The Internet

Your company can use several techniques and tools to strengthen its digital presence and reach the best positions in search engine results, such as Google. This set of actions is called SEM – Search Engine Marketing – and is divided into two areas: SEO and PPC.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – combines techniques applied within the website or blog so that search engines see it more easily and appear prominently in organic search results. For this, your company needs to keep its pages on the Internet always optimized and indexed. The result in organic search, you know, costs nothing for the company but requires medium and long-term effort.

For faster results, there is PPC (Pay Per Click) which, as the name says, is shown according to the amount paid for the click. In this case, the advertiser uses tools like Google AdWords or Bing Ads to create ads and appear at the top or side of the search engine page.

Important: what determines your digital presence is the sum of these two strategies: the amount paid per click and the quality score of your website or blog. The higher, the better the placement.

There is also the possibility of your company having a digital presence on partner sites. Google offers within the Adwords tool a Display Network system, which serves the company’s banner on these sites. In addition to Google, other companies perform this service called Ad Networks.

Relationship With Customers

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among several other Social Networks, are also part of Digital Marketing and provide their ad systems or boost publications to reach more people. It is also important to maintain commercial profiles on these networks.

To maintain constant contact with the customer and be present in his life, one of the most important tools is the traditional e-mail. The company can use more modern techniques, with a high effectiveness rate that dispense with the famously purchased lists.

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