Why Is Digital Marketing So Essential In The Time Of Crisis?

Why Is Digital Marketing So Essential In This Time Of Crisis?

Do you want to understand how Digital Marketing is the way to face this challenging time? We were already experiencing a change in how companies operate their businesses due to digitalization.

With the world pandemic of Covid-19, these processes were abruptly accelerated, and many paradigms are changing, showing that reinvention is necessary. The initial shock of the pandemic was and still is very hard. We are migrating to a “new normal”. Although uncertain as to its impact and dimension, this change brings the conviction that seeking a new way of doing business and growing is a matter of survival for companies today.

Strong Impact On Small Businesses

In just a few days, security and public health measures directly impacted most business segments. Several companies – mainly small and medium-sized ones with physical operations – began to have their traditional actions unfeasible. Lower sales quickly reflected this, putting these businesses at imminent risk.

Small and medium-sized business like yours are responsible for 80% of formal jobs in the country and have the cash to operate for 30 to 120 days. This makes it even more challenging to get through the crisis without going bankrupt. Due to their size and scale, brand recognition and cash capacity, large companies can go through the problem without significant medium and long-term impacts. 

Traditional Marketing And Sales Methods Are No Longer Enough

By then, companies were already closing their first quarter with their planning in progress, proven growth and retention strategies being put into practice, allocated funds, and commercial areas focusing on sales. Other companies were already accelerating their growth with natively digital systems such as Inbound Marketing, even though they were not, in some cases, the primary source of acquisition.

The World Was Already Migrating To Digital. Now Falling Behind Is No Longer An Option

Contexts like the one we are experiencing call for a great degree of adaptation and quick reaction, as we experience a new scenario every week. We see companies from industry segments that did not operate with online strategies already adapting to the new scenario:

  • Education institutions providing online classes and courses;
  • Self-employed professionals offering remote consulting services;
  • Physical stores explore their social channels and transform their business model into online shopping.

Even companies in more digitally mature segments, such as software, are shifting their focus to relationships and generating content about productivity and home office.

To Get Through This Moment, It’s Time To Reinvent Your Strategy

Companies that already use Digital Marketing strategies to relate and sell, such as Inbound Marketing, are ahead in this scenario. Even if they need to review their strategy to adapt to the moment and expand this front of customer acquisition, these companies are already able to perform the crucial tactics to continue generating demand in the short and long term and recovering more quickly. More easily after the crisis and return to a stage of growth.

Main Challenges And Why Inbound Marketing Is Ideal For The Moment

Several doubts and risks permeate the minds of entrepreneurs and marketers at this time. Below are some of the ones we have heard most in this period. Soon, in this text, we will talk about how an Inbound strategy can be a path to many of these business pains, such as these:

  • What actions can I do to keep selling in this challenging time, so my company doesn’t go bankrupt?
  • How do I retain my customers? How do I position myself?
  • My paid media traffic and conversion are dropping every day; what can I do to improve?
  • What kind of actions or content can I do if my business is essentially physical?
  • There was a budget cut; where should I invest what I have? Should I follow up with sales campaigns?
  • How do I prove that marketing actions generate results so that there are no cuts?

These are doubts and challenges that any business could face throughout its existence, but today’s external scenario is very different from the usual. In addition to maintaining the industry, the challenge is to adapt and act quickly with new strategies that have never been done before, which helps the company relate and sell.

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